RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Bianca Del Rio tells Carmen Carrera to “stick whats left of your dick in your mouth and STFU”

Drag queen Bianca Del Rio, pictured left, crowned winner of Rupauls drag race on May 19th wasted no time putting his contempt of transgender people on full blast.

Del Rio told  the audience “I think Carmen Carrera should stick whats left of her dick and shove it in her mouth”

Del Rio raised his arms as the audience clearly recognized he went to far.

What could have caused Del Rio to attack her so viciously? Carmen Carrera was a contestant on Season 3 of Rupauls Drag race and afterwards has enjoyed success as a transgender model. Is that the only reason? No it is not. Carman has gently been trying to ask that  Rupaul stop using transgender defamation.

Bianca Del Rio sees that as a betrayal of gaydom. He sees Carmen as a turncoat, but more than that. Del Rio now sees Carrera as a target, less than human to despise and denigrate. Del Rio sees Camen as transgender.

I posted Del Rio’s comments unedited because of how his words actualize the hatred being spewed by RuPaul and his gay fans toward transgender people. What he said:

Carmen Carrera comes out as transgender on “What would you do”.

Once again I have to ask. Does LOGO want to be branded with this hate? And oh yeah, where’s GLAAD?

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One Response to RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Bianca Del Rio tells Carmen Carrera to “stick whats left of your dick in your mouth and STFU”

  1. jesso puff July 31, 2014 at 12:16 am

    its words that were used in fun. you say them to your friends etc and not in a malicious way. grow up. everyone is all sensitive for no damn reason. its the same as being called fat, ginger, queen, fag, ladyboy, dyke, nerd, geek, jock, barbie, etc…
    you have struggles and have been fighting…boo hoo. everyone has been struggling and fighting. its called life. you live for you and not everyone else. unless you had the operation and are still tucking then you can’t go in the women’s restroom in public and you cant work at a straight strip club…period. can we focus on more serious issues? and you wonder why they didn’t want to let you all marry or have rights…. sheesh.

    also have you stopped to think that maybe this was a set-up? ever heard of divide and conquer or a trojan horse? yep. think about it.