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CBS Morning’s “All Dressed Up” fluff-umentry Ignores RuPaul’s transphobic history

This Sunday on CBS Morning a show titled  “All Dressed UP”  looked back historically at drag and how RuPaul’s Drag race has, in RuPaul’s opinion, evolved.

But what really caught my attention and invoked my ire was when host queried Rupaul about people who don’t ‘dig’ him to which he replied: “It’s none of my business what other people think of me”. That was it? Oh, there is so much more to this story.

Oh, but RuPaul does care about what people say. He simply blocks minorities he disagrees with.

Too bad the show was built on lies ignoring RuPaul’s vicious transphobia and exclusion of transgender in the workplace.

In other words, using verbiage carefully crafted, CBS Sunday Morning just helped RuPaul to mainstream trans exclusion in the workplace.

That fluff piece didn’t mention how RuPaul has used transgender defamation unmercifully to build his glitzy career. Back in 2009, Monica Roberts wrote Gay Media, RuPaul Isn’t A Transgender ‘Expert’, So Stop Trying To Pass Him Off As One calling out the Dallas Voice for using RuPaul’s use of “Tranny” as justification for them doing so as well.

But our demands for respect as a transgender minority enthralled some gay people who reveled in Isreal Luna’s new movie “Ticked Off Trannys With Knives”.

But perhaps Luna unwittingly set into motion our emergence as a minority empowering us to confront icons such as Rupaul. Soon afterward GLAAD who previously profited from their connections with Drag Race turned the corner and demanded that he stop using transgender defamation.

But RuPaul was,t finished attempting to speak for the transgender community when he claimed people who objected to trans defamation were simply “Fringe people” looking to further their roles as willing victims.

Marc Maron asked Rupaul on his podcast May 2019 about the flare-up  over gay people saying tranny. I assumed at the time Maron was alluding to the Australian transgender community’s request that gay men remove the defamation ‘tranny’ from “Tranny Bingo” or could it be RuPaul’s unwillingness to learn from Neil Patrick Harris, Lance Bass, and Kelly Osbourne?. Or perhaps his belief that the difference between a trans person and a  drag queen is $25,000 and a good surgeon?. Or could he have been asking in reference to his employer’s reaction to his latest transgender defamation?

So how did CBS further trans discrimination in the workplace? Because unbelievably the CBS show failed to mention RuPaul had just came out against trans participation on Drag Race simply because we are, in his opinion different. RuPaul quickly walked his stance back a half step with a half-hearted apology which I personally don’t accept and some of the queens on the show find hard to accept.

See we are all under the transgender umbrella regardless.

And RuPaul, up until you started with all this tranny and she-male bullshit most of what you do on Drag Race went unnoticed by the greater transgender community.

Just don’t you dare speak for us again. You have made it very clear you are not one of us.

Kelli Buseyhttps://planettransgender.com
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


  1. @Jeanette54

    i didnt follow the more common path for most of us, i wound up repressing my memories for over 30 years due to sexual abuse by cousins. so for all that time, while i never fit in, i had the desire to wear clothes, etc, etc . for a long time i thought i was a cross dresser, after my mothers death 6 years ago (i cared for her the 10 years before that) at her memorial i was forced to face the knowledge that one of the same cousins was in jail for doing the same to his three sons. between grief, some guilt, and those memories, i broke, bad. i tried to leave this world, it didnt work, so i am still here obviously, and after i realized what would have been felt by my brother and sister,

    anyway, back to the topic, my issue with the term is the cis/straight/normative public, what have you, hear sexual and thing it is about SEX, its not for most of us, just the porn stuff, and transsexual is used in that as well, hence the lack of support for the term. TransGender is actually a more appropriate term, looking at it from one angle, transsexual from another. from my research the term transgender has been in use for quite sometime, its not “new” the misconceptions of its use in the public IS, caused mainly by uniformed, but usually well meaning news organizations.

    I have a good friend who is by medical definition a transvestite, yes another bad word. there IS a reason for the separate words for transvestite and cross dresser. its ALL about the clothes for cross dressers, thats it, no transition, no SEX. a Transvestite cross dresses and has sex while doing so. She is back from Minnesota, a very old community exists there i guess and they still use that term. Where i am at there IS no pride center, NO real support for anyone who isnt in high school or in college. there are a few social groups but mostly OLDER (it IS a retirement community). so most of what i know is from extensive research online, talking with other trans, scouring medical sites, etc.

    part of the confusion is also that various groups use terms in various ways, there IS no set standard in our social groupings, not really, there are terms, with loose definitions and get used in widely different ways sometimes, part of what i was talking about. so while we are “fractured” there is likely NOT to be any kind of standardization.

    reclaim Transsexual? i have no issue, but it has to be universal for it to be effective in countering the negative view from the porn industry. dont get me wrong, if i could make that kind of money being an older, heavy set trans woman, i would do it long enough to the money for my surgeries AND recuperation. but after the abuse, i abused my body, according to my therapist its a defensive action, make yourself unappealing and you wont get hurt. so i have lived with, other than the just over a year with my cousins, one “straight” relationship of 9 months AFTER high school, and one “gay” (these terms stemming from the fact i thought of myself as male then, even though it didnt fit, which is why i had the gay encounter, thinking i was gay) short relationship. neither fit, so i just gave up on trying to have a “normal life” i knew i wasnt normal, just didnt know why or how. so i have no emotional “baggage” of ex’s or kids (although i love kids, i have a genetic marker that causes a primary immune disorder that almost killed me as a baby, 7 times, before they figured it out, so i swore i would never put anyone, a partner or child through what i went through), i helped my sisters family for a few years, then my brothers, then was alone, each time moving further away from that one part of the family i realized later, then cared for my mother. we are all different, but all should have a single goal, universal acceptance, at the VERY least in a legal and social sense. but its hard when some attack others for use of a term, etc.

    my issue with RP is that when confronted with it, he doubled down on using it, declared his age allowed him to do what ever he wanted. and that is NOT so, or my mother should have been allowed to call POC the “N” word all her life, right? (sadly her parents were from indiana, and while she knew it well enough to NOT pass it on to us, she was prejudiced against african americans)

    its getting past the older groups, and getting the newer groups who think no one ELSE understands their particular plight that is our issue, as a community.

    as to the LGB parts, while we have NOT received great support all the time, we can at least hold our heads up and say we never abandoned them, or threw them under the bus, heck remember Stonewall, the T started things, the gay men were inside drinking, keeping away from the police. we are the smallest of the groups (maybe intersex is less but its so varied, i doubt it) but was have made HUGE impacts in the fight for equality, it just seems we are always the last “off the bus” as it were.

  2. Hi there, you wrote a comment that caught my eye and wanted to respond. I Know the days you speak of too quite well. I think personally that although the days of negotiating that mind field are gone with the terminology, those of us who are true transsexuals have far less hoops to jump through now, a thing I appreciate. I have never been a queen, so I can’t and won’t speak where I know not. But as long as things are the way they are, I only wish we could all get along and respect our differences.
    As an older transsexual I do agree with you on points you made about reclaiming term transsexual and with it the courageous pioneers that went before us. I have not will I ever forget them.
    But I think RuPaul didn’t help matters as they are on these times at all. I think a little mindfulness on his part would have been better.
    As far as the difference in those LGB and TQI I don’t see a problem with so long as our petty differences aren’t the focus. Together I think our rainbow symbol shines brighter.

  3. I don’t understand why we live in a world which is just sooooooo desperate to take offense. To my mind it seems to equate with the need to claim the perceived moral high ground of victimhood. And Transsexual, or not, I have never considered myself a victim.

    In fact to be perfectly honest I cannot even conceive as to why we ever became involved with the whole LGBTIQ thing in the first place. The LGB part of the equation is much more about sexual preference, whereas the TIQ part is about who you are.

    Now even the “T” has new meaning, the all encompassing term, Transgender. Which I admit I hate with a passion. Not so much the term, but the philosophy and people that it associates me with in the public mind.

    Transgender to me conjures up weird you tube videos, portraying loud, entitled, societal misfits clamouring for their so called “rights”. Whereas my generation of Transsexuals fought an often lone, quiet battle for acceptance by the binary society we so much wanted to be a part of. The quest for surgery too was a minefield to negotiate, and (rightly or wrongly) many were denied it based on the gatekeepers decision as to how you fit into society post-op.

    I have no time for those “don’t ask, don’t tell” proponents when discussing private genitalia. That is another area where we are disadvantaged by the Transgender connection, where the old (and offensive) term “cocks in frocks” seems to be the modern practice. Not the best course for inclusion in normal society in my opinion.

    You can feel free to disagree with this discourse, its just a little comment by someone with a long lifetime of experience, but I have to agree with Ru Paul. Having worked years ago in drag shows, and doing straight comedy as well, there is a wide gulf of difference between the trans girls and the queens. And quite frankly I hate to think that the queens, queers and various transgenders are associated in the public mind, with what Dr. Benjamin called the “true Transsexuals”.

    And, Teresa, I think we should reclaim that term, Transsexual, and with it the history of our courageous pioneers. Leave the much less specific transgender for those who wish to claim it.

  4. All I can comment is that RuPaul ought to be ashamed of himself.
    A few very talented trans* family members got they’re start on Drag Race, including one of my inspirations, Carmen Carrera. For RuPaul to take the stance he does is a stab in back to her and all of us. As far as Queens go though, RuPaul will never be even come close to the most talented queen in the world, Courtney Act.
    RuPaul is such a disappointing traitor.


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