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Rubies Trans Girls Swimwear Line a Stunning Success

Shine on!

RUBIES was conceived when Jamie and his 11-year-old daughter Ruby, were packing for their first adventure in Central America. Jamie felt nervous: what should Ruby wear to the beach in a country that may not be ready for a girl like her? With that came a bigger question: how could he help girls like Ruby enjoy the same activities as their friends – with the same level of comfort and confidence and no matter where they went?


The question practically answered itself: form-fitting clothing for trans girls. Each pair of RUBIES bikini bottoms and underwear features a soft compression that provides worry-free comfort and helps keep everything in place. It’s designed for the beach, the gym, the pool, or the dance lessons – without the slightest compromise in style.
But RUBIES is about more than a comfortable fit. We know firsthand the challenges of transitioning facing both the girls and their families. So we are also here to support: to encourage conversations and share experiences, to connect and make new friends, to give each other courage when we feel a little short on it

Above all, we are here to ensure that every trans girl has the freedom to be who she is, wherever she is – and to shine.

Dad and transgender daughter clothing line Rubies!

Form-fitting clothing for trans girls.
We want every active trans girl to be as confident and comfortable in her clothes as her friends.


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If you can’t afford Rubies simply fill out the form found Here to receive a free bikini becuse every girl deserves to shine.


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Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender