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NC Gov Roy Cooper Promises Executive Order Restoring LGBT Rights

Roy Cooper

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper pledged to issue an executive order to undo the damage resulting from HB2 and the subsequent so-called repeal.

“I’m going to issue an executive order pretty soon that is comprehensive that helps with LGBT protections,” Roy Cooper said. “And we’re going to keep working every day. We’ve had a lot of sporting events and business come back because number one they know we have taken a positive step and two they know my commitment for this in North Carolina.”

Governor Cooper took a lot of heat from our community for signing the compromise into law, It wasn’t a repeal rather a continuance of the discriminatory residue of HB2 banning local municipalities from enacting LGBT protections for two years.

“Although it would have been politically and probably emotionally easier to keep pounding the table and not accept a compromise I knew it wasn’t right for my state.” Cooper continued. “I knew it wasn’t right for LGBT citizens in my state. Although I have had hard conversations with my friend about this who would rather us go two years with House Bill 2 instead of taking the compromise. But as Governor and leader of my state, knowing what it has done to the reputation of my state and the signal that it sends to LGBT citizens and everyone I knew we had to make a step and that’s why I did it and its the right thing to do.”Said Cooper.

“Diversity is our strength,” Cooper said. “North Carolina is a welcoming state. We just got to make sure our laws catch up with our people.” Cooper said during the Center for American Progress’ Ideas Conference. Cooper’s office
told HuffPost they could not immediately give additional details about the order.

Wednesday Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick threatened as many special sessions as needed to force a law much like what North Carolina is endeavoring to disentangle themselves from. Unlike all of his previous statements promoting anti-transgender bathroom bill, SB6, Dan Patrick had made no reference to North Carolina’s HB2 during his announcement Wednesday.

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