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Rowan County Clerk Who’s refusing Same Sex Couples Unwittingly Issued Trans Couple Marriage Licence

Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis
Photo: Timothy D. Easley, AP

From left, Camryn Colen, his wife Lexie Colen, and their 6-month old daughter LaKoda speak to a gathering at the celebration for same sex marriage rally on the lawn of the Rowan County Courthouse in Morehead, Ky., Saturday, Aug. 29, 2015. Camryn, who underwent gender reassignment surgery in 2013, married Lexie in February with a marriage licence signed by Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis.

Rowan SearingDavis is petitioning the supreme court for a stay saying that her conscious would be seared if she issued a same-sex couple a license. Davis must be one of the only anti-gay people on earth who are OK with trans people or she’d be doing some serious bell ringing searing right now.

As it turns out Davis didn’t know that know that the couple are transgender and Pansexual. She didn’t know they were even in her office because they looked like an everyday man and woman when they got their marriage licence. Camryn told the Daily Independent at the rally.

“We’re not doing it for us. We’re married. That’s for us. We have a daughter. That’s for us. We’re doing it for the rest of the community,” he said.

“We’re going to prove to Kim Davis that she can’t judge a book by its cover.”

To be clear, the author isn’t trying to say that issuing a gay couple a marriage licence and a trans/cis couple a marriage licence would necessarily be the same. Clearly it’s not if the said trans/cis couple are of opposite genders. This post is a tongue in cheek dissertation about poetic justice and taking a stand for our allies in their search of social equality.

Given that one our trans community done seared her I decided to do some research. Is ‘unsearing’ a thing at all?

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