Rockwall Bathroom Bill is Defeated

Rockwall flag

We knew this battle was do or die. Planting our flag at ‪#‎rockwall‬ city hall. One town citizen commented that it was the first time the trans flag had ever been seen there.


Easily a hundred trans people and allies crammed into the small Rockwall City Hall tonight far outnumbering a few stone-faced silent bigots. The haters were solemn because it was becoming increasingly obvious to them as Rockwall’s citizens spoke, that their cause was lost.

Rockwall Mayor Jim Pruitt wanting to avoid a contentious crowd didn’t announce that a hearing of his proposed bathroom bill was scheduled until a couple of days beforehand. (the Friday before it was to be read, on Monday to be exact) But that just didn’t work out for him. Members of Texas Trans Initiative, PFLG, University of Texas and moms and dads, feminists and Rockwall citizen horrified that their town might be associated with hate, testified against the proposed ordinance.

It’s not about bathrooms and never has been. Since humankind became cognizant creatures it has always been about power.

Chears and jeers erupted spontaneously from the overflow room as the real reasons behind the hateful ordnance were revealed.

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