Nissan Dealer Promises to Assault Trans children

Robert Allen Nissan
Robert Allen Nissan
Robert Allen linked his transphobic hate speech with the Nissan brand in his latest vitriolic rant on youtube titled “Robert Rants”.

Robert Allen owner of the Helena Montana Nissan dealership landed in hot water professionally and warned of its potential criminality after linking his latest youtube “Robert Rants”, a transphobic hate screed with the Nissan brand.

“If a transgender guy comes into my store he’s sure welcome to buy a car.” Allen said.” He’s welcome to spend his money and buy a car but ( stumbling over the choice of words) he probably ought to go in the ladi…men’s room, not the ladies because if he’s in the ladies we’ll throw him out of the store.”

Allen wasn’t done, saying it just wasn’t ‘American” to be transgender while working himself up to the point where attacking children seemed reasonable to him…

“And If I see a little boy walking in the girl’s bathroom I’m going to drag him out of there I don’t care if he’s your kid he’s not going into my ladies bathroom that’s for sure.”

Robert Allen
Robert Allen Nissan Facebook short description

Then the shit hit the fan so to speak. Allen responded by saying that his statements were misunderstood. Yes, he believes that he’s being victimized.

Allen’s dealership received a letter of reprimand from the Montana Human Rights Network and more than 120 one-star Facebook reviews from people all over the country after he released the 47-second video about transgender bathrooms, which is one in a series titled “Robert Allen Rants.”

Allen told the Independent Record he should have worded the video differently, and he believes some people misunderstood his views. The dealership’s five-star reviews outnumbered its one-star reviews 134-125 on Facebook Saturday. (Those functions have since been disabled as well as the Youtube rating and comments.) However you can still leave a rating on YELP as that service is not controlled by Allen.

In a letter to Allen dated Aug. 18, Montana Human Rights Network co-director Kim Abbott said it would be a violation of Helena’s non-discrimination ordinance to remove a transgender female — or someone who identifies as female but was assigned the sex of male at birth — from the women’s restroom. She also included information about the meaning of the terms “gender identity,” “transgender” and “sex assigned at birth,” and she offered to provide additional resources about the transgender community.

“Whether the statements you made in your ‘rant’ were meant to be a joke or meant to be a serious threat to your transgender customers, or potential customers, we are requesting that you follow the law and treat transgender Helenans and visitors fairly at your dealership,” she wrote.

Allen told the Independent Record he has nothing against the LGBT community, and he is concerned about what he considers to be an unsafe federal directive.

“I’m concerned with the pedophile, the rapist, the pervert who goes in the ladies’ room,” he said. “That’s my concern for the transgender bathroom issue, because of an internal sense of gender, that becomes a defense in court, which is ridiculous. How do you define that?”

Robert allen rants

Nissan America demanded that Allen remove the link to his dealership from the youtube but it remains.

“The dealership has removed the links to comply with guidelines set forth in the framework of our business relationship,” Josh Clifton, a spokesman for Nissan North America Inc. in Franklin, Tennessee, told the Independent Record in an email. “We adamantly oppose any statements or actions that demean or allow discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals. Nissan dealerships are independently owned and operated; the opinions posted to this retail location website in no way speak for Nissan or reflects its values.”

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


  1. I cannot believe this clown thought he was being misunderstood.

    He was very explicit in his mis-gendering, threats of abuse and deformation of civil liberties.

    The only misunderstanding here is him misunderstanding his place in the universe.

  2. Gurr! And if I see you in any batroom, I would drag you out by your feet! Doesn’t matter if it’s a men’s or woman’s bathroom!


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