Rio Games begin with the erasure of Lea T by Brazilian TV

Lea T

Lea T

The Olympic athletes entered the stadium led by Lea T, a Brazilian transgender model, who was driving the bike.  TV channel Globo presented all other delegations with the leading bikes, EXCEPT for the Brazilian one, erasing the known transgender personality. I believe we can say the reason for Globo didn’t show her is because she is a Brazilian transgender woman . Shame on them.

Brazil is one of the most violent countries of the world, if not the most violent one. A person’s life is as cheap as a pair of sneakers. Due to the existing enormous amount of transphobia and homophobia, LGBT people is one of the most vulnerable community, especially trans women.

Meanwhile, while the much-ballyhooed inclusion of diversity was being touted inside the stadium it was business as usual outside. Planet Transgender has previously documented 49 murders of Brazilian transgender people.

Today we have the sad duty to report that there have been 10 more.  That’s one trans person murdered every 3rd day since the begining of the year.  The Olympics last 16 days. The last murder we have to report on was commited on August 1st. It’s not unreasonable to assume that a murder of a Brazilian trans woman will be an Olympic event.

On Monday night, Mars 28th, a trans woman was shot to death on Goiás street, Nossa Senhora de Lourdes neighborhood, the motel region of Aparecida de Goiânia. According to Military police, Gabriela Rodrigues was on the street when two men on a motorcycle approached her and shot her twice. She died on the scene. Nothing was stolen.

As there are no witnesses, the information about the killers is almost non-existent. The murder is under investigation by authorities.



PatríciaTavares06.16Another trans woman was murdered,

It happened at her home in São Leopoldo, in the Porto Alegre metropolitan area, on Rio Grande do Sul state.

Neighbors claim to have heard sounds of a struggle before the lifeless body of Patrícia Tavares was found with stab wounds.

The suspect is her boyfriend of 4 years who is presently on the run. And that’s all is known for now.

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On July 9th the Military Police received an information that there was a person laying in he middle of a street on Cajueiro neighbourhood.

The victim was Jady, who came from Fortaleza dos Nogueiras. Elements from emergency health units went to the scene but Jady was already dead. Due to aggression signs on the neck of Jady, she was apparently asphyxiated.

On the afternoon of July 14th the Military Police found the body of Edymara M.Leão, 36, in an advanced state of decomposition, near her residence on the Lago Norte zone, on the state of Tocantins.


EdymaraMLeão07.16Edymara was the owner of a hairdresser salon, and she was not seen for a few days. Neighbours called the authorities due to the strong smell coming from the location and the police found her body with a rope around her neck.


Brendhon Andrade, a member of the Movimento Universitário pela Diversidade Afetivo Sexual (MUDAS-UFT) (a university LGBT group), believes that the crime was motivated by hate and prejudice due to signs of torture and extreme violence found on her body.


“Homophobic and transphobic crimes are extremely violent ones. One of the signs is precisely the exaggerated violence on the body, very ravished, an attempt to destroy the body”, said Andrade. “With Edymara her body was found like that, and as she was transgender, it leads to a transphobic crime”.


The group received the new with indignation as Brazil is the country that murders more transgender people of the world and the state of Tocantins is one of Brazil’s most phobic ones.


“Palmas is not far in the ranking, it is between the 10 most phobic state capitals of the country, so our first thought is for the national levels of violence followed by regional. We received the new with indignation because we see our population being decimated by discrimination, prejudice, and violence. We don’t see the government, the departments, the Legislative Assembly, take any position on it. The Executive power pretends we do not exist and the legislature makes repudiation notes for anything we do. We were dismayed, but we hope that this crime will be investigated. We are sorry for the family of Edymara ” he added.


The Associação de travestis e transexuais do Estado do Tocantins (Tocantins State Transvestites and Transsexuals Association) issued a statement of condemnation by President Byanca Marchiori. “The Associação de travestis e transexuais do Estado do Tocantins (Atrato) makes a public repudiation of the murder occurred two days ago and only now discovered by the police state, the transvestite known as Edymara, hairdresser, independent and serious. We point out to be given the attention and interest by Justice and that the competent authorities, especially State Security, make sure  the guilty be punished, according to human rights and life. We are citizens and we also need the state defense. We are united in the pursuit of justice. That this one does not become another murder, another transphobic crime where the authorities and the whole society cast aside as if it did not even occur. “


The local CSU and LMI were at the scene and police is investigating.


The dream of formalizing the relationship that turned more serious two years ago turned into a nightmare for a transgender woman and a cis man. Living together since 2014 in Lisbon, capital of Portugal, the couple who declined to be identified returned to Brazil only to convert their stable union in marriage, but ended up being attacked by about 15 people.


According to the couple’s report, the civil marriage happened July 15th in the capital and since then they went to a house in the Zé Pereira neighborhood. At the back of this residence, according to the woman, live her relatives who did not accept her relationship with her partner who is Italian, much less their marriage, officialized a week ago.


On the evening of Thursday, July 21st, after another family disagreement, the woman’s brother would have entered their residence and, holding on to her hair, dragged her by about one meter. Outside the house she said that about 15 people, including family members and neighboors, would have beaten her.


After the aggressions she said she called the police, but to her surprise, from victim she started to be treated as perpetrator. The couple reports that they were discriminated and verbally assaulted by two police officers who attended the scene and also sent to the police station inside the police van.


When reporting the incident to Deam (Delegacia Especializada de Atendimento à Mulher – Specialized Police for Assistance to Women) the woman says that once again was disrespected as police “distorted” the incident and refused to identify her by her social name, a social right guaranteed to transgenders since March 13th last year.


With bruises throughout the body, the woman and her husband went on the afternoon of Friday 22nd the Mato Grosso do Sul Military Police Internal Affairs to report what had happened the night before and formalize a complaint against the two officers. The passage back to Lisbon is already purchased, they said, but the fear of returning home prevents them from taking their belongings there so they ask for a police escort.


After the Internal Affairs the couple will head to imol (Instituto Médico Odontológico Legal – Dental Forensic Legal Institute) to conduct the forensic examination.


Reporters from in the Journal Midiamax contacted the military police and were informed that from the complaint formalized in the Internal Affairs, the conduct of the police will be investigated. In Deam no one did comment on the reason why the social name has not been accepted at the time of the incident report.


Nayara07.16On the night  of Friday 22nd July, Nayara, 23, was shot in front of a motel in Goiânia. According to police investigations, witnesses said that the crime was passionate and that the victim was murdered by another trans woman. Other witnesses said that two persons on a motorcycle approached Nayara, shot her and flee. There are no suspects so far.


The crime occurred around 23h in the São Francisco neighbourhood, on the capital’s northwest. The fire department was called but Nayara was already dead. Her body was taken to forensics examinations.




On Sunday July 24th a transgender woman, Sabrina E.S.Sales, 25, was found murdered in a vacant lot on Luís Eduardo Magalhães (west of Bahia). Police are still investigating this murder but apparently it was due to a fight.


Sabrina was a nurse graduated in Nursing Technician in 2013 class of the Centro Territorial de Educação Profissional da Bahia – CETEP and came to practice in Hospital do Oeste in Barreiras.


According to police, a local found the victim on a vacant lot between José de Alencar street and Janete Cler street, in the Florais Léa neighbourhood, around noon Sunday.


The body had a knife wound on her face, according to some media, while others say she had signs of brutal violence on the head, mainly on her face and neck, but no signs of fire arms or knifes.


Locals say that the location where she was found is very dark and usually attended by sex workers. Sabrina was half naked with many condoms on her purse, wich indicates that the crime may be connected to her sex life.


The body was taken to the Technical Police depatment and was released the same day. She was burried Monday 25th in a nearby city, Barreiras.

According to relatives, Sabrina lived in Barreiras and travelled every week to Luís Eduardo Magalhães for professional reasons. Still according to her family, she was threatened and beaten last year..




brazil trans murder
The lifeless body of a trans woman was found on one bank of the river Parauapebas, southeast of Pará (a brazilian state)

An unidentified trans woman as shot to death around 19h on Tuesday, July 26th in the QS 06, south zone of Taguatinga. A man on a black motorcycle approached and fatally shot her.


Witnesses said the victim lived in a townhouse in the area, with eight other colleagues.


The Mobile Emergency Service (SAMU) arrived at the scene moments after the crime, but the victim was already lifeless, with brain mass loss. The motivation for this crime is still unknown. Police is investigating the case.




FehLopesTenten07.16Via FB another murder came to our knowledge:


Feh Lopes Tenten was shot to death in her home by three men who broke into her apartment, according to friends..


Again via FB another murder:


Bibis, 40, a transwoman was killed with 10 shots, one in her heart and 9 in her head in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul state capital, on July 30th.


Brasil 1The body of transwoman indentified as Adriane, 43 by rede trans brasilwas found in Sapeatiba Mirim, São Pedro da Aldeia, on the morning of Monday (1). According to preliminary information, the victim was transgender and was killed during the night.

The case was registered at 125 DP (São Pedro da Aldeia). Representatives of the NGO Village Diversity already been to the police station to find out more details about the case and determine whether it is a homophobic crime.


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