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Rhode Island drops surgery requirement for Birth Certificate change

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Not every transgender person feels a need to undergo gender conformation surgery also known as SRS. For a male to female (MTF) trans person SRS entails removal of the reproductive system resulting in that person being unable to reproduce. This is a personal decision one often influanced by financial, health concerns and religious beliefs.

No government has the right to require their citizens to submit to cultural eugenics in order to obtain identity documents.

Rhode Island drops the compulsory sterilization requirement.

The regulations, filed Thursday with the Secretary of State’s office, will go into effect on November 11, says state health regulations coordinator Bill Dundulis.
Until now, the Rhode Island Department of Health essentially required gender reassignment surgery in order to change the gender designation on a birth certificate.
The new policy will allow a gender marker change based on a medical provider’s certification that the individual has undergone surgical and/or hormone treatment “or other treatment appropriate for the individual.” according to the Providence Journal

Many of the 57 state, local and territorial jurisdictions that administer birth certificates require a court order to change or amend them (a cost-and-time-consuming process of petitioning a judge for an order stating that you are now male or female) and/or a letter from a surgeon certifying SRS. California, Vermont and Washington have removed surgical requirements completely for those applying to change a birth certificate. Tennessee is the only state that has a statute specifically forbidding the correction of gender designations on birth certificates for transgender people. Some other states prohibit it through either court decision or agency practice. Source Lambda Legal.

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