Retailer of ladies lingerie for men HommeMystere expands online store

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The Australian retailer of ladies lingerie for men HommeMystere has announced an expanded online sales presence to meet growing demand. (Much to the delight of the media)

I have to admit it even I a forward leaning progressive transsexual was a little taken back when I first saw the HommeMystere male models strutting their stuff in woman’s lingerie.
Then it occurred to me, ‘get over it’, then ‘hey that’s sexy’.

Then the greatest epiphany occurred. Duh!

For all the pre-op or non-op transwoman who would love to wear some of the sexiest underwear but can’t because of bits and pieces, here you are!

The Daily Mail said many people contend that the ads target the gay community. To some extent that may be true but as one commenter on the Daily mail article pointed out.

 ladies lingerie for men HommeMystere

lingerie for men HommeMystere

Why would a guy want to wear a bra? Woops stupid me.

The advertising is slightly bent towards the dom-submissive role for obvious reasons, so if you’re not into that, well it’s one more hurdle to jump before you buy anything like this. Wouldn’t be the first time that trans people have had to work to keep the freedom to express our gender, and it won’t be the last.

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