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Reported Suicide of 14-Year-Old Trans Activist Kyler Prescott

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Multiple news sites over the past week have been reporting on the tragic death of 14-year-old trans activist Kyler Prescott. Well known across the LGBT community in San Diego, Kyler was also an accomplished pianist and poet.

Despite acceptance from friends and family Kyler’s mother, Katherine Prescott, told 10News that her son had been the target of severe online bullying and harassment about his gender identity. For the past two years, Kyler had struggled immensely with depression, dysphoria, and self-harming. After the passing of several pets, Kyler reportedly locked himself in the bathroom of his family home on Monday, May 18 and was soon found dead of suicide.

Kyler’s death marks the 11th reported trans suicide this year amidst increased national dialogue on the lack of rights and protections, as well as harassment and violence that trans people face across North America.

If you or anyone you know are exhibiting warning signs of suicide PLEASE call the Trans Lifeline toll FREE at 877-565-8860 (in the US) or 877-330-6366 (in Canada).

Nillin Dennison
Nillin is the owner and operator of Derby Frontier, a blog focused on the culture, community, and gender politics of flat track roller derby; which recently won 2nd Place in the LGBT category and 3rd Place in the Sports & Recreation category of the 2014 Canadian Weblog Awards. Outside of blogging, Nillin is passionately involved with trans activism across southern Saskatchewan, Canada. They are currently residing in Moose Jaw where they serve as Gender Diversity Representative on the board of directors for Moose Jaw Pride, chairperson of the Moose Jaw Trans Awareness Committee, and they regularly provide gender and sexual diversity presentations to the community.


  1. G8 ist das Sctimlmshe, was den Kids passieren konnte Рwar ich immer schon gegen und ich kenne viele Kinder die sich damit schwer tun! Das sollte komplett abgeschafft werden! Sch̦n, dass die Schule deines Sohnes da schonmal die Notbremse gezogen hat!LH viella

  2. It is hard, and others don’t change as fast as we’d like. But while they may not get better, you do. You get stronger, you grow, and you help make the world a better place. Keep holding on, keep pushing through, because YOU get better and we need you here.


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