Texas legislator: Parents of trans kids are guilty of child abuse

Scott Sanford

Texas Representative Scott Sanford made these hateful comments on CBS Facebook live ‘bathroom bill debate while denying that the proposed bathroom bills have anything to do with transgender people.

Leslie McMurray, a transgender woman and member of the Dallas Mayor’s LGBT Task Force responded to a comment by Republican State Representative Scott Sanford of McKinney, “When you said boys should use the boys’ room and girls should use the girls’ room, which bathroom should I use?”

Representative Scott Sanford said to McMurray, “Let me ask you this. Are you comfortable with your grandchild is being alone in the restroom as a girl then a big, hairy, burly guy walking in because he identifies himself as a woman that day?”

McMurray replied, “It doesn’t happen that way. That’s an insult to every transgender person because we don’t just decide one day, this takes years.”

Late in the debate, Rep. Sanford was presented with the fact that 40% of transgender youth will attempt suicide. He then had the audacity to claim that this wasn’t because of discrimination—it’s because of “mental illness.” And even worse: He told courageous parents and teachers who accept and love transgender youth for who they are that they’re committing child abuse.

Don’t let Rep. Sanford’s fear-mongering go unchecked.
Send a message now letting Texas lawmakers know what “bathroom bills” are really about: Making life harder for transgender Texans.

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