Reddit Users Invent New Sexuality ‘Highsexual’ for ‘Temporarily Gay’ Pot Smokers


Reddit users have invented a new type of sexuality for people who get ‘a little gay’ when they smoke weed, ‘Highsexal’.

A thread appeared on the Reddit forum discussing the strange occurrence of cannabis smokers displaying gay behaviour when high.  he author of the threat wrote ‘I’m quite a hardcore pothead, I feel very attracted to girls and not at all to men when sober, but when I get high I just want a big cock to suck.’

‘Anyone else happen to have the same effects?  Just curiosity, not that it really bothers me since I’m still attracted to girls while high, but I sometimes feel weirded by male friends with whom I don’t usually feel attracted to.’  During the conversation that ensued one user came out with the phrase ‘Highsexual’ and spoke very positively and open minded about the whole prospect.

‘You sir, are possibly a Highsexual.  If the parties are down and on the same wavelength, whatever.  When it has occurred it’s never been a big deal.’ A number of users who have commented on the post have been very positive on the subject, encouraging the original poster to consider the possibility that he is bisexual rather than straight or gay and that there is nothing wrong with the prospect at all.

Despite the strangeness of the term ‘Highsexual’ I think that it’s a good thing that people are being encouraged to explore their sexuality and not made to feel ashamed.  If getting high makes you want to explore your sexuality and other participants are open and comfortable with it too then go crazy everyone, explore what feels right for you and become comfortable with yourself.



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