Real pictures of Rio De Janeiro’s 2014 pride parade

Reo 2014

There’s quite a few pictures accompany articles written about today’s Rio De Janeiro pride that aren’t of this years pride. Some aren’t even pictures of Rio De Janeiro at all!

Here’s some of today’s pride.

Reo 2014 header 2
226 new names were added to this years TDOR memorial list. The majority of murders were committed in Brazil. The country ranks number one again this year with 113 slain. That means half of all recorded transgender murders happened in Brazil. This years pride parade’s theme was a call for the end of end to transphobia and homophobia.

reo 2014 header

Reo 5 post

swept off our feet

reo 2012 fight

A man accused of stealing is thumped by security


Reo 2014 2

and sweeping up

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