Reading Man gets 16 month sentence for transphobic hate crime attack


A man from England was sentenced to 16 months for brutality assaulting a transgender woman after having sex with her. Suhel Sood, the Manchester News reports, received the inanely short sentence in an apparent plea deal. Apparently, Suhel Sood beat admitted to calling her a ‘dog’ beating her, making her mop up her blood because he didn’t want to be ‘contaminated.’

If the victim was cisgender Sood would have faced 10 years to life for being under the influence of Cocaine while committing Sexual assault, assault causing grievous harm, and false imprisonment.

However, Judge Knott admonished Sood severely saying “Maybe you will be a bit more careful in the future”.

Yeah, ouch, huh?

“This assault arose entirely from Mr. Sood discovering that she was transgender and thereafter assaulting her,” Oliver Weetch, prosecuting, said.

Suhel Sood claimed that he was “deceived” into thinking that the person he had sex with was a woman.

Sood, of Reading, admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

He was cleared of sexual assault, false imprisonment, attempting to cause grievous bodily harm charges, and threats to kill.

How did Suhel Sood get away with trans panic defense in what civil society would have been considered a hate crime?

You can thank Equality Minister Liz Truss who along with her TERF quislings with and the conservative government has made the UK hell on earth for transgender people.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender