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Ravenovah: My Slave name is ‘Black Transgender Woman’

Transgender my black slave name
Ravenovah / YouTube

Occasionally, people comment on planet trans objecting to the word ‘transgender’.  It is those people’s opinion that our assimilation and presumably well being, is being throttled by our public self-identification as transgender. While I do not agree with this, I feel it is important to offer a commentary which expresses those viewpoints.

Are we killing ourselves?

Black transgender people are being slaughtered at historic rates. If there is any chance that we can affect change that will affect this dominant social paradigm in a positive way we must do our utmost to enable it.

Youtube Maven Ravenovah entries are commonly listed high in google searches. Her commentary is normally timely, politically correct and easily digested by all. But not so with her latest entry. Ravenovah pulls no punches discussing her views on being called ‘transgender’ in:

“My Slave name is Black Transgender Woman I outed myself Tricked”.

Warning: mature content.

A partial verbatim transcript:

“I’m not gonna keep doing blogs on trying to be political when I know the real me have a different focus on a lot of shit. It is what it is. My personal opinion when I think the word transgender I will never use that word in public. the only time I use that word is when I’m online because I understand that the brainwashing job that people feels well I’m transgender. Oh my goodness I can’t believe it I’m transgender. When you was born it was a question we’re said simple were you born a boy or a girl you can say he was born a transgender that’s something that the government don’t visit they figured out that you’re basically out of yourself and you never realize what you’re doing when you’re out of your stuff that means they give people a big chance to discriminate against you.”

Kelli Buseyhttps://planettransgender.com
Kelli Busey an outspoken gonzo style journalist has been writing since 2007. In 2008, she brought the Dallas Advocate on-line and has articles published by the Reconciling Ministries Network, The Transsexual Menace, The Daily Kos, Frock Magazine the TransAdvocate, the Dallas Voice and The Advocate. Kelli, an avid runner is editor in chief at Planet Transgender which she founded in 2007.


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