Rashad Turner Charged with Hate Crime Against Rochester Trans Man

Rashad Turner
Rashad Turner, 24 of Rochester was one of two men who attacked BLM activist Trans man
Rashad Turner
Rashad Turner, 24 of Rochester was one of two men who attacked BLM activist Trans man Samson Tequir.

Rashad Turner, 24, was charged Monday with second-degree assault as a hate crime, a felony, in connection with the beating of 30-year-old Samson Tequir of Rochester, said Rochester police investigator Jackie Shuman.

Early this morning, Rochester Police @RochesterNYPD said in a tweet that they arrested the suspect in this case. Investigators @RPD_PSI charged Rashad Turner, 24, a city resident with Assault in the Second Degree as a Hate Crime. He will be arraigned in City Court.

According to court paperwork, Samson Tequir and a friend who is not being identified were at a store when they were approached by Turner and the other suspect, reports ABC 13‘ The two repeatedly told Tequir and his friend to leave the store because “we don’t need that [gay slur and expletive] here”. This was followed by several other gay slurs and derogatory comments and threats of sexual violence.

As Tequir and his friend paid for their items and left the store, Turner and the other suspect allegedly followed Tequir and his friend down the street and harassed them about their sexual orientation and gender identity.

According to court paperwork, Turner then punched Tequir twice, knocking him unconscious. A third man walked up and started recording the scene with a cell phone, mocking Tequir and his friend.

Tequir’s friend said he helped Tequir back to his house since “he was out of it and unable to walk by himself.”

In the court deposition, Tequir’s friend said he had “never seen Rashad Turner before that day”, adding “I feel he was targeting us because we were clearly queer. I was dressed all in rainbows.”

Samson Tequir
Samson Tequir / Facebook

An outpouring of love.

Samson Tequir updated his Facebook status this morning: “I’ve been asked what I’m feeling multiple times this week and have yet to be able to give an answer, but the one thing I can say I feel for certain is loved.”

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