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Ranking Police Officer Suspended For Raid on Hawkes bay Transgender Birthday Party

The Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG), South Karachi, Sharjeel Kharal, has suspended the station house officer (SHO) of the Mauripur police station for beating guests at a Hawkes bay transgender birthday party. Pakistani police routinely demand money and sexual favors under the threat of violence and without consequence from trans people so this news comes as a surprise.

Members of the transgender community alleged harassment and extortion by police after a birthday party held at a beach hut was raided and four transgender persons were taken into custody on Sunday.

The party, held at the Hawkes Bay beach, a location advertised as a perfect party location, was raided following complaints by beach-goers of ‘commotion’ and ‘hooliganism’ in the area.

Speaking to The Express Tribune, Bindiya Rana a transgender activist said, “A transgender birthday party was raided by the police in the afternoon after complaints from the public were received of loud music being played out at the beach hut.

No first information report (FIR) (there were no charges) registered against any transgender person according to SSP Awan, who dismissed any claims of bribe being taken to stop the party or claims of harassment against the transgender community.

The DIG South took the action after videos of the raid went viral on social media, said a spokesperson for the DIG South told Dawn.com on Sunday.

The DIG ordered an inquiry against the SHO of the Mauripur police station.

On Monday, the 2nd, the community in Gujjar Khan protested in the streets angry over the arrest of 27 transgender people who were attending a wedding the day before. The protests intensified as the evening wore on and some people who are transgender barged into the police station, dancing as they did so to protest against the police.

The protesters then returned to the GT Road where they continued their unique protest by dancing on the streets and blocking it. Their protest caused a traffic logjam on the road.

Stonewall riot.

The police tried to arrest them but were driven back after being pelted with stones the Tribune reports

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