South Park Trans Athletes episode is Transphobic Trash

South Park Trans Athletes episode
South Park Trans Athletes episode
Randy Savage intimidating the broken bloodied loser who he just beat in a fistfight. / Screen Grab Youtube

South Park Trans Athletes episode flys in the face of everything we stand for. The episode, written by people obviously knowledgeable of our current state of acceptance in sports should be banned by network and cable TV.

The Trans Athlete episode which you can watch below opens at a ‘strong woman competition’ with a TV interview with the champion ‘Strong Woman” who was in the beginning very open and accepting of trans athletes.

Then the South Park reporter asks her dubiously have you ever met your competition, Heather Swanson?

The reporter then introduced a cartoon likeness of Randy Savage introducing Randy as her competition, a trans woman who just days before began gender transition.

Randy Savage promises to crush his opponents and does so throughout the episode winning the title of Stong Woman cumulating with the bloodied third place winner on the podium at the awards ceremony.

When confronted as a man by a real man Savage becomes a blithering victim.

As Savage is being introduced at a Women’s MMA fight, he is pushed by the former Strong Woman champion’s husband sending him purposefully stumbling backward onto a table, ending up a useless weeping heap.

It takes inner strength to transition something haters have never known.

South Park creators should be ashamed of this and voluntarily pull it from circulation. But they haven’t, leaving us no other conclusion than the show has been taken over by Trumpsters, TERFs, and the dredges of society, religious zealots.

South Park Trans Athlete episode intends to drive a wedge between trans athletes and acceptance, throwing a misinformation uppercut at adolescent transition fostering hate as a comedic punchline.

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Trigger Warning.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


  1. South Park taken over by Trumpsters and religious zealots has to be the dumbest thing I’ve ever read in my life. South Park literally makes fun of everyone including Trumpsters, Trump himself, and all religions. Sorry trans women competing against biological women has in inherit unfair physical advantage and you’re just super butthurt because they pointed this out for everyone to see. We’ll laugh at this hilarious episode while you cry like a baby victim about it because you can’t handle tough truths or reality.


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