Queers United Asks :WTF? Tyra Banks Show Seeking “Ex-Gays”

Transgender people be aware. We are not immune or isolated from dangerous groups such as “NARTH” which advocates the discredited use of “aversion therapy” to “cure” homosexuality. Being “cured” of a natural sexual affinity by making normal=intolerable translates to depression and suicides.

Queers United asks us to let Tyra Banks please do not air any shows that cause harm to GLBT people.

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One Response to Queers United Asks :WTF? Tyra Banks Show Seeking “Ex-Gays”

  1. Queers United October 21, 2008 at 3:01 am

    thanks for posting this, the same loons who use “ex-gay” methods equally hate trans people and label it “gender confusion” these people are liars and crooks in the name of religion.