Queer UK protests Stonewall’s Julie Bindel at Victoria and Albert Museum


By kelli Busey
Nov. o7, 2008

The Awards ceremony in which unapoligetic transphobic Julie Bindel was awarded the writer of the year award from the UK’s inappropriately named “Stonewall” group was protested by a large group of mainly young and disenfranchised Transgender, Queer and Allies.

London as reported by Loz Flowers

“Stonewall, despite naming itself after an event in which trannies took part, has never made any bones about being an organisation that does not represent transsexual people. However, for it’s 2008 awards it decided to accept a nomination for best journalist for Julie Bindel, a writer with a history of transphobic opinions and writing.

So a group of about 150 pissed-off transsexual people and their allies held a fun and trouble-free protest outside of the Stonewall Awards at the Victoria and Albert Museum on the evening of the 6th of November 2008 to remind them of what they seemed keen to forget or ignore.”

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


  1. Transgender and queer folk in the UK have been experiencing transphobia tenfold what we endure in the states. Our Nemesis Joe Solmonse, president of the USA’s
    HRC, masks his transphobia behind the good intentions of the majority of HRC members.

    The UK’s major lesbian and gay advocacy group, Stonewall makes no such effort. They honor openly transphobic people such as Julie Bindel.

    Join the UK’s Trans Youth Network. I have beeb a member since I became aware. Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies is listed by the Queer Youth Network as a ally.
    We can make a difference. In UNITY we will overcome.

  2. Great article Loz, thanks for posting it!

    Thats me in the pic above on the megaphone! I had such a sore throat after all that chanting!

    I was there with Trans Youth Network and Queer Youth Network after which many of us have produced some short films about the protest and related issues – the first of which is called “Stonewall was a RIOT” and is currently going on tour at various international film festivals. You can see a preview at http://current.com/items/89513316/stonewall_was_a_riot.htm

    Also see here for more pics of the Stonewall Awards demo!


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