Queer Nerd Band Sidewalk Furniture releases “Reimagined Thrill”

Durham, NC-based angry-nerd queer trans anarchist rock band, Sidewalk Furniture, long-awaited first album, Reimagined Thrill, was released today.

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Reimagined Thrill, an inadvertently and possibly fortuitously science-fiction themed album was released without the usual fanfare or the planned concert due to the pandemic. BUT REGARDLESS, the first track Jadzia, a hard-hitting riff, is sure to pique the curiosity and catch the attention of every queer punk rocker in our self-isolating world.

And it only gets better. Enjoy.

So I’m an ‘Enterprise’ aficionado (binge-watching again) and I didn’t get why ‘Jadzia’. So I asked band leader Riley DeHority (They/Them) about the first track.

“Jadzia is a song about one of my favorite Star Trek characters, Reimagined Thrill from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Jadzia Dax.” They said. “She was a badass scientist, knew Klingon martial arts, and had a really nice diplomatic sensibility that I always admire in people,” said DeHority.

“She also had one of the first lesbian kisses on television. The actor who played her, Terry Farrell, was in a contract dispute with the director, so she got killed off in a very inglorious way, basically a meaningless accident. It felt cheap and was played like she wasn’t one of the show’s main characters. I’m still mad they did that to her.” said DeHority

Sidewalk Furniture?

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