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Trans Woman Paid $95,000 by Qigong Guru Jeff Primack in Discrimination Case

Kiona Boyd, Center. Photo FaceBook

After nearly five years of hearings, enduring misgendering, and deadnaming, even homelessness Hawaiian trans woman Kiona Boyd finally got justice. And now Ms. Boyd wants to share her inspirational first of a kind victory in the hope she may inspire others to take a stand for justice.

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Jeff Primack
Jeff Primack, background Supreme Science Qigong Center gathering Facebook. Graphics by author.

When Kiona Boyd first met Jeff Primack it was before she transitioned when she was asked by him to build a Yurt on his sprawling 98-acre property in Hakalau. When the Florida based Qigong Guru came to visit the half-million-dollar retreat he asked Boyd to remain on his property as a caretaker, which she gladly accepted.

“I just knew that I loved that land,” Boyd said. “And after the yurt was built, he asked if I could come and be the caretaker. And it was an immediate, ‘Yes, I’d love to live up here.’” reports the Hawaii tribune-herald

“Jeff and I developed a really good friendship,” she added. “He and I were such good friends because I had no idea who he was. I didn’t idolize him. I just treated him as a normal human being.”

In addition, Boyd developed a friendship with Anisa Taylor, a cook for Primack who became part of his seminars, teaching food healing.

Boyd was informed on Jan. 6, 2014, that Taylor’s slain body was found in Georgia the previous day.

Kiona Boyd’s current FaceBook cover picture eulogizing her lost friend.

“She had been strangled by her husband in her car as she was ready to leave to go to a friend’s in Florida,” Boyd said. “… That affected the entire organization. It devastated me.”

According to Boyd, as the one-year anniversary of Taylor’s murder approached, the decision was made to come out as a woman.

Boyd said that before she transitioned, they would “go for walks every morning, get coffee and just talk about life, fun, business and the property.”

According to Ms. Boyd, when she began to transition, people were supportive — “at first.”

“It was scary to share that with the world, to be your true self. But I was in the middle of the forest, surrounded by a lot of good people,” she said.

“But after a couple of months I noticed that people who were, like, ‘namaste, we are all one, peace, love, harmony with nature’ turned out to be fake.”

She contacted Jeff Primack about her job after learning that her job had been offered to someone else.

That is when the harassment, intimidation and death threats began.

HAWAIʻI CIVIL RIGHTS COMMISSION found that Ms, Boyd suffered emotional distress after Primack forced her off the property and harassed and threatened her both verbally and through text messages. Primack’s text messages included multiple threats to strangle, punch, and inflict pain on Boyd, belittled her gender identity and expression, and contained gender-based slurs. Primack gave Boyd one day’s notice to vacate the property, forcing her to become homeless and live out of her car.

Kiona Boyd would like to share that in March she received her settlement of $95,000 in damages, including $75,000 in emotional distress damages and $20,000 in punitive damages. But that is only partial justice.

Jeff Primack a famous instructor of the ancient art of Qigong and founder of the Supreme Science Qigong Center has by his actions and inaction made transphobia as palatable as his food remedies to his millions of followers.

The Commission also ordered Jeffrey Primack to immediately cease and desist unlawful discriminatory practices, develop and implement a written anti-discrimination in real property transactions policy, and attend a fair housing training session. The Final Decision and Order in William D. Hoshijo, Executive Director, on behalf of Kiona E. Boyd v. Jeffrey David Primack, Dkt. No. 18-001-H-S is posted on the HCRC webpage HERE

Although Jeffrey Primack’s site and FaceBook page continue to indicate that Qigong offers relief from any disease for a price there is nothing to show that he has complied with the labor board’s requirement that he has a written anti-discrimination in real property transactions policy.

Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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