Trans flag waving Protesters carry a Guillotine to Puerto Rico Gov Mansion

Wanda Vázquez

Puerto Rico Governor, Wanda Vázquez signed new civil codes into effect earlier this week that overhauls a series of laws regulating various rights, including LGBT rights, metro weekly reports.  The changes and the fact that no public hearings were held has angered the LGBT community and many of the island’s citizens.


Just months before removing LGBT protections Gov. Vázquez expressed her opinion that the murder of trans woman Alexa Ruiz was a hate crime. Many are accusing the governor of caving to anti-LGBT hate groups and white supremacists’ demands.

With a Trans pride flag waving Black lives Matter protesters carried a guillotine to Governor Wanda Vázquez mansion.

Metro Weekly

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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