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Documented HRC protests since the 2007 ENDA catastrophe.

Chicago 2007
D.C. 2007
Austin 2008
Atlanta May 2008
Chicago 2008
Philadelphia 2008
San Francisco 2008
Houston 2008
New Orleans 2008
New York City 2008

There will be a public show of outrage at the Dallas Black Tie 2008

Austin TX 2008

Transgender Advocates of Central Texas participated in the recent Human Rights Campaign Austin Black Tie Dinner by staffing a table at the event intended to give attendees the opportunity to learn about and discuss gender expression issues, according to TACT officials.

Austin Texas is the first protest I Kelli Busey participated in against HRC. Prior to that I volunteered at HRC events.

Windy City Times

Last week there was a wide range of events calling attention to transgender issues, from a protest held at an HRC-Chicago event, to a vigil for victims of anti-trans violence, to a rousing trans celebration, and a forum following the screening of the film The Gendercator at the Reeling festival. Images here, of the vigil Sunday night, are by Kat Fitzgerald. Protesting outside the HRC Chicago event, and the HRC panel inside. Photos by Amy Wooten
Activists from all across the US descended on the HRC fundraising dinner in Washington DC on Saturday, October 6 2007. They were protesting the HRC decision NOT to oppose a newly introduced version of the “Employment Non-Discrimination Act” (ENDA) that was stripped of the language which would have protected transgender people.


A Human Rights Campaign gala Saturday in Washington, D.C., didn’t turn out quite as planned as transgender activists rallied outside and trans guests turned their backs in protest of HRC’s evident behavior toward a trans-inclusive rights bill in Congress.
Between 50 and 75 transgender activists and their supporters protested outside of the Washington, D.C., convention center on Sat., Oct. 6,—the site of the Human Rights Campaign’s ( HRC’s ) annual dinner—in response to the HRC’s strategy on the inclusion of transgender rights in the recent ENDA ( Employment Non-Discrimination Act ) legislation currently being considered in Congress.

Phyllabuster: HRC goes petty: directs security to escort educators out

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) just got more petty and immature in responding to protests of its actions last fall that clearly divided a once united GLBT community.

As we arrived at the site for the Houston protest of the HRC fundraiser this Saturday, April 12th afternoon (reposts below for those new to this saga), we were told by hotel security that HRC had changed its mind about our attempts to educate.

We would be allowed to enter (without signs or banners, which we had never planned to bring inside). If we went directly to the event located on the second floor, we could hand out our lapel stickers that read, “GLBT & ENDA: United, Not Divided: I Support FULL Transgender Inclusion.” And we could engage in conversation and educate those people who wanted to listen and learn.

So we walked around, outside the hotel for over an hour, carrying signs and visiting with each other. It was very festive.

L. A. Observed
Mayor backs out of gay rights event
Kevin Roderick

I received an email statement from Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa this morning that announced he would skip tonight’s banquet in San Francisco for the Human Rights Campaign, a mainstream gay community group that raises and donates a lot of money for gay-friendly candidates. Villaraigosa was supposed to be the keynote speaker, but cited a boycott of the event by the San Francisco Labor Council. That seemed kind of curious. Now an AP story has moved reporting “intense lobbying from transgender activists angry over the group’s stand on a federal gay rights bill.” The labor council had planned to picket, and future candidate Villaraigosa tries to avoid crossing picket lines. Here’s the mayor’s statement:
The Human Rights Campaign is on the frontlines of the fight for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender rights and I fully support its important mission at this critical moment in history.
It has come to my attention that the San Francisco Labor Council has voted to formally boycott HRC’s annual fundraising gala and regretfully, I cannot attend this years event.
As Mayor of the largest city in California, I am committed to creating a world in which no member or group in society is denied full and equal rights. It is my hope that this time next year will find us all united by victory in the fight against Proposition 8 and ever more determined to establish equal rights, with no exceptions, for every one of us.
Here’s also a release making the rounds of gay media that claims Villaraigosa was successfully pressured.


On July 26 at the Westin St. Francis in San Francisco, there will be a party and protest in front of the HRC Gala.

HRC has a long record of endorsing war-mongers and republicans like Joe Lieberman, weak and shameful support of transgender, genderqueer/gender variant communities, and focusing their attention and money on the needs and desires of the most well-off members of the LGBT community.

As queer activists it is our responsibility to let the donors to HRC know just what they are giving to. They are contributing to an organization that endorses pro-life, and anti-war candidates. And an organization that does not fully support the trans community.

There are thousands of good hearted contributors to HRC who simply need to be made aware.

Join us on July 26, to demonstrate in front of the Westin St. Francis, San Francisco.”
Marraige Equality Blog
The self proclaimed largest gay rights organization in the United States continues to draw fire from LGBT people around the nation.
Andrew Sullivan, one of the most respected and most read gay bloggers slammed them in his post: HRC Busted.
Log Cabin Republicans issued a statement denouncing the HRC’s YouTube video of John McCain.
Organizers of Atlanta pride refused money from the HRC.
Forget about political maneuvers and electoral games; ignore the platitudes and moralisms of extremists. Leaving members of our community behind isn’t acceptable, and that’s what most people remain upset about.

What else can go wrong for them? Plenty! This is hot off the press:

As gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people prepare to celebrate gay pride in San Francisco this weekend, many of them also are organizing a boycott and protest of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC).

Activists plan to be on the streets during the festivities to inform people of the boycott and protest of the Human Rights Campaign’s annual fundraising dinner in San Francisco next month, a major event that raises tens of thousands of dollars for the organization.

Similar actions took place at fundraising dinners in Philadelphia and New York City earlier this year.

The controversy stems from the Human Rights Campaign’s decision last fall to support a bill in Congress that would bar employers from firing a person because of his or her sexual orientation. The bill, which passed the House but has stalled in the Senate, did not include the same protections for transgender people. More than 370 gay rights organizations condemned the bill for that reason.

On Tuesday, San Francisco Supervisors Tom Ammiano and Bevan Dufty introduced a resolution at City Hall calling for a bill that includes transgender people and recognizing the boycott.

“The Human Rights Campaign should not be human rights cowards,” Ammiano said at a news conference at the San Francisco Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Community Center. He said the organization seems uneasy with transgender issues.

Dufty said he will skip the fundraising dinner for the first time in 23 years and instead will make dinner at his home for people protesting outside the event.

The city’s two LGBT Democratic clubs support the boycott, as does the San Francisco Labor Council. Assemblyman Mark Leno and state Sen. Carole Migden, both of San Francisco, also are not attending the event.Matt Foreman, who was executive director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force when the congressional vote took place, called the actions of the Human Rights Campaign “a monumental betrayal.”

Foreman said it raises questions about the effectiveness of the organization, which raised $28 million last year.

“What is going on here is an emperor-has-no-clothes moment,” said Foreman, who said he will be outside protesting but is “pained” to be doing so. “We still don’t have one single federal law that protects gay people, let alone transgender people.”

Theresa Sparks, who is president of the San Francisco Police Commission and is transgender, said she returned an award she received from the Human Rights Campaign.

Sparks, who attended the news conference with Dufty and Ammiano, noted the contributions of transgender people to the LGBT movement. The 1969 Stonewall riots in New York that sparked the modern LGBT rights movement were promulgated by transgender people, she said.

She dismissed the political argument that the nondiscrimination bill was more likely to pass Congress if it didn’t mention transgender people.

“To me, this is less about strategy and more about integrity,” Sparks said.
Queer Today
Bay Area Reporter
Queers Without Borders
What do the fat cat publicity hounds and fund raisers of the HRC have in common with Bill O’Reilly and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? They all got nominated to recieve a Pink Brick by the Bay Area Reporter. And, they’ve all added notes to the steady drumbeat of hatred and bigotry.
Trevor A gay mans blog
Sadly, I’ll be out of town. But that shouldn’t stop you from heading down to the Westin St Francis and joining my friend Mark Snyder @
My Husband Betty
OPINION On July 26, the Bay Area’s gay and lesbian elite will gather at the posh Westin St. Francis to raise money for the Human Rights Campaign in the name of securing and protecting LGB rights.
Queer Today
Channel 5 CBS TV
Left Out coverage

San Fransico Bay Guardian

Outside the HRC dinner
HRC’s failed strategy on ENDA has needlessly divided our community at a time when we are poised to make great gains in civil rights
Wednesday July 23, 2008

Boston Edge

San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera has confirmed that he will boycott the Human Rights Campaign’s gala dinner scheduled for July 26.


Vigil to be held for LGBT Rights and to protest the actions of the Human Rights Campaign at the HRC Annual Dinner.
Where: Outside the Lowes Hotel on the corner of Market & 12th Streets in Philadelphia.
When: Saturday February 9, 2008 at 5:30 pm.
We will be holding a vigil outside of the dinner to focus attention on the exclusion of transgender Americans from the federal Employment Nondiscrimination Act and on the Human Rights Campaigns’ reversal of policy in agreeing to accept a bill that does not cover the entire LGBT community. The HRC not only worked towards this exclusion of the transgender members of the LGBT community from this bill, they misrepresented their intentions in this matter to Philadelphia’s LGBT leadership and to the transgender community on this extremely important issue.
Transgender people are the most vulnerable group in the LGBT community. Transgender people experience employment discrimination at rates that are orders of magnitude higher than the general population. In Philadelphia – over 60% of transgender woman are unemployed as are over 30% of transgender men (Kenagy 2005 – in Health and Social Work). The human and social costs resulting from such levels of discrimination negatively effect the entire community. The Baltimore Homeless Census released this September reported that 7% of homeless children identified as transgender. These children are often forced to leave their homes after their gender identity becomes known. The Southern Poverty Law Centers Special Report on Transgender Hate Murders “Disposable People” notes: “While the FBI reported a total of 11 U.S. murders motivated by racial, religious, or sexual-orientation bias in 2002, the Intelligence Report has documented 14 murders of transgendered people in the U.S. in that one year.”
Our common goal is passage of a fair and inclusive employment nondiscrimination statute. Any version of this law that fails to securely protect the LGBT community against workplace discrimination is a law not worth having and we urge you to oppose it. Several elected officials are being asked to help educate HRC on transgender issues and the need for legislation that covers the entire community.
We ask you join us at 5:15pm to show your support for equality for the entire LGBT community. Please consider wearing the attached sticker to the vigil and to the HRC Dinner if you will be attending. It can be printed on a standard Avery name badge (Publisher file for printing labels and JPEG for printing on standard paper) – or just printed and pinned to your clothing. They will also be available at the vigil.
Kathy Padilla
Co-President, OutFront!

Stephen A. Glassman, Chairman
Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission
Michael Hinson
Michael P. Williams, Esq.
Co-President, OutFront!
Stacy L. Sobel, Executive Director
Equality Advocates Pennsylvania
Rue Landau, Co-Chair
Liberty City Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Democratic Club
Ray Murphy, Co-Chair
Liberty City Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Democratic Club

Hudson Valley Gay News
Faced with a boisterous picket line that drew a crowd of more than 50 and with the absence of every lesbian, gay, and bisexual elected official from New York City — indeed, every other prominent city Democrat as well


Boy In Bushwick

Roskoff added he and others plan to ask members of New York’s Congressional delegation to withdraw their support of the current version of the bill.

“HRC has taken away the fight and drive for equality by compromising our goals and selling the community short,” he said

Pams House Blend
Why do Trans people hate HRC
Monica Roberts
In 1995 Elizabeth Birch took over as Executive Director of HRC at a time when there was an epidemic of gays and lesbians cutting transpeople out of civil rights legislation.

In many cases gay people who sat on various HRC boards either nationally or regionally led the efforts. In 1999 Dianne Hardy-Garcia, who was the executive director of the Lesbian Gay Rights Lobby (now Equality Texas) at the time and an HRC board member, led the successful effort to cut transpeople out of the James Byrd Hate Crime Bill (to mine and TGAIN”s vehement opposition). That bill was eventually killed in the GOP-controlled Texas Senate but passed in 2001 as a GLB only bill and was signed into law by Gov. Rick Perry.

Elizabeth Birch for a while eclipsed Janice Raymond as Transgender Public Enemy Number One when she was quoted at a Chicago GLBT event as stating that transinclusion in ENDA (the Employment and Non Discrimination Act) a top legislative priority of transgender leaders would happen ‘over her dead body’.

Citizen Crain

Pink Brick
The Human Rights Campiagn is taking hits on both coasts for its decision to support Barney Frank’s gay-only version of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. In both cases, the extremism of the critics only reinforces how removed these intolerant ideological purists are from the real lives of lesbian and gay Americans.


Wahington Blade

HRC spokes idiot Luna contends that HRC is working for full inclussion

wrote a letter to HRC telling them to get stuffed and they sent me a reply telling me that they were fully behind the trans community… rubbish.

Boston Edge

Roberts Provides A Brief History of the Trans / HRC Schism
by Kilian Melloy
EDGE Contributor
Tuesday Oct 9, 2007


Boy In Bushwick

Roskoff added he and others plan to ask members of New York’s Congressional delegation to withdraw their support of the current version of the bill.

“HRC has taken away the fight and drive for equality by compromising our goals and selling the community short,” he said


We have a big problem here


Bolycott HRC

In a fine show of solidarity, several gay and lesbian members of the Chicago Gay Liberation Network joined our small but sincere cadre outside of the hotel where this lavish affair was about to commence

That’s the Chicago Way, by Cyndi Richards

AZ Transgender Alliance shares their feelings about HRC’s stance on ENDA and failure to join the rest of the LGBT community in standing united for an inclusive ENDA (version 2015)

Bolycott HRC

In a fine show of solidarity, several gay and lesbian members of the Chicago Gay Liberation Network joined our small but sincere cadre outside of the hotel where this lavish affair was about to commence

That’s the Chicago Way, by Cyndi Richards

AZ Transgender Alliance shares their feelings about HRC’s stance on ENDA and failure to join the rest of the LGBT community in standing united for an inclusive ENDA (version 2015)

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