Protest at One Police Plaza draws hundreds demanding justice for Islan Nettles

About 150 people including mother Nettles attended the protest at One Police plaza Thursday demanding justice for Islan Nettles. They were braving the frigid cold in protest of the incredibly inept unprofessional handling of the murder investigation which resulted in the DA dropping the charges against the youth who beat her to death, in spite of him confessing to the crime.

The pictures posted here are just a few of those that can be viewed at  Rediscovering

According to dnainfo people were Chanting “transgender lives matter” and holding signs that said “Justice for Islan,” protesters, bracing against frigid temperatures, said they feel the NYPD did not investigate the death well and that the district attorney’s office was not doing a good job of prosecuting the case.

“I feel like someone got away with murder,” said Delores Nettles, Islan’s mother.

She said delays in updating the initial misdemeanor charges against initial suspect Paris Wilson and in collecting evidence and witnesses have led to no one currently being charged or in custody for Islan’s death.

“When people are beaten to death in the street it takes their power away,” said Carl Siciliano, executive director of The Ali Forney Center that serves LGBT homeless youth. Islan Nettles had been a client.

“When police fail to take that death seriously it takes away their power,” he added

From Thursday’s protest…

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