Protest To Protect NSW Trans Kids To Proceed As Planned Defying Supreme Court Order

Protect NSW Trans Kids
Nearly 6,000 people crowded NSW beaches this weekend many ignoring NSW 20 person rule. / Image, article, Guardian Oct 5, 2020.

Thousands gathered this weekend on New South Wales beaches and stadiums yet a small rally to Protect NSW Trans Kids, planned to be fully compliant with COVID-19 Rules, has been banned by the court. The blatant transphobic hypocrisy is mind blogging.

New South Wales LGBT group Community Action for Rainbow Rights incensed over a proposed bill criminalizing teaching about gender diversity in public schools have vowed to protest Saturday. The bill introduced into NSW Parliament by One Nation’s Mark Latham:

Aims to “ensure that curriculum, syllabuses, and courses of instruction at all levels of schooling do not include the teaching of gender fluidity and recognise parental primacy in relation to core values.”

Under the Bill, parents would also be allowed to withdraw students if they “object to the particular teaching on these matters of parental primacy”.

If passed, the Bill states that any person who develops courses to teach gender fluidity would have their accreditation revoked by the NSW Education Standards Authority.

The NSW Police successfully petitioned the court to stop the LGBT protest out of fears that it might spread COVID-19.

In his ruling on Friday, NSW Supreme Court Justice Geoffrey Bellew pointed to evidence from police that protesters at previous events during the coronavirus pandemic had not observed social distancing and many had not worn protective masks.

Justice Bellew agreed with the argument from NSW Police’s lawyer, Lachlan Gyles, SC, that the “alternative to the protest is not silence”. He said other methods of protest, including social media campaigns and direct contact with politicians, could also prove effective.

The NSW police had done likewise July 28, in opposition to a Black Lives Matters Protest in which they arrested 6 people for gathering.

Lawyer Yashvi Shah watched the BLM rally from the NSW Supreme Court told ABC that she could see many more police officers than protesters.

“What I saw from many metres away were protesters socially distancing from each other, and every single one of the protesters I saw were wearing masks and were peaceful, not causing any chaos,” she said.

This is not about COVID-19, those concerns have been thoroughly addressed by the protest organizers. This is about targeting minorities, denying us our rights.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


  1. Are people who support trans men and women but don’t support the ideology that gender is a spectrum transphobes?


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