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Proposed law would prohibit and invalidate Russian transgender marriage

Russian transgender marriage

Maria Bast an attorney with the Association of Russian Lawyers for Human Rights compared the law which is currently in the Duma, to the way Nazi’s denied human rights.

Article source Association of Russian Lawyers.

“This draft law is a real threat for established families who for 30-40 years have lived happily.” said Bast “They have children, grandchildren and all of a sudden such a family is outside the law. It is a tragedy not just for one couple and the whole family, but for all generations. According to Bast, a grandchild could suddenly learn that their grandmother or grandfather had sexual reassignment surgery, which is a violation of privacy, medical privacy, a gross interference in people’s lives, and a tragedy for the life of the family.”

According to experts, the Deputies families will face the same problems for which they are preparing for the citizens.

Maria Bast said, “In the Soviet Union there weren’t any bans on SRS. On the contrary, there were institutions that conducted gender studies and sex reassignment, but when the Soviet Union collapsed everything was closed. During Soviet times, this was considered a medical secret and the people who carried out the correction of gender, had the same rights as others: to marry, create families, people live together until now.”

The law wouldn’t just destroy established marriages it could infringe on the rights of every Russian.

According to expert at the Association Alexander Ivanov, this draft law which proposes to discriminate against transgender people would also discriminate against every person who is planning to marry, who would be forced to, in the case of adoption of the law, to prove the presence or absence of sex reassignment .

Article source Association of Russian Lawyers “Human rights defenders demand to cancel the draft law of the State Duma, which bans the right to marry TG-people”

A full review of the proposed law can be found here.

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