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Printers ‘Facing Action’ For Refusing To Make Civil Partnership Invitations


On the same day that the Republic of Ireland is voting on same-sex marriage rights yet another case of a couple receiving discrimination based on their sexuality has moved to the equalities tribunal.

Partners Jonathon Brennan and John Kierans were reportedly turned away when they asked for a printers to make invitations for their civil partnership ceremony at Beulah Print, Drogheda.

In a case that mirrors the now infamous Ashers Bakers incident the young couple were refused service based on the religious views of the business owners, who stated ‘We are not against homosexuals, however, we do not support same sex marriage which printing wedding invitations would do’.

They say this despite the fact that Mr Brennan and Mr Kierans were not seeking invitations to a wedding, but a civil partnership, which is totally separate from same sex marriage and entirely legal in the Republic of Ireland.

The case is now in the hands of the equality tribunal and further action may take place if an agreement cannot be reached between the two parties.


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