Prince William First Royal To Publicly Condemn Homophobia


During a visit to Hammersmith Academy Prince William, and future king, took part in a group session with pupils that discussed practical tips for preventing anti-LGBT+ bullying.

The visit was organised through the Diana Award, named after the princes late mother, whose specialist staff run bullying workshops across the country.  It should be noted that despite backing numerous charities and good causes the Royal Family have almost never been seen backing LGBT causes.

It is worth noting that the Royal Family are head of the Commonwealth, of which 90% of its citizens still live under anti-gay laws.  As such the Royal Family tend to avoid references to LGBT+ equality, and no royal has ever spoken in favour of marriage equality.

During the visit to Hammersmith Accademy, however, Price William spoke out against homophobia, along with the Education and Equalities minister Nicky Morgan.

During a discussion with students about homophobic bullying, where they were asked how they would go about tackling such bullying, Prince William indicated that he would confront such bullying.  Agreeing with one of the student comments he said, ‘As the young man said, I would try to confront.’


A Kengsington Palace spokesperson commented, saying ‘He hopes it will help de-stigmatise bullying issues in schools.  He particularly likes the idea of a peer-led support network to prevent any child or young person suffering in silence.’

To many this statement might not seem like much of a gesture, but the future king will one day be in a position to challenge anti-gay leaders from across the Commonwealth and promote positive change for many people.  It should also be noted that during his time in the RAF he served alongside transgender pilot Ayla Holdom.


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