Pride at Work AFL-CIO promotes GLBT inclusion

Actual Deeds are the foundation of advocacy. Pride At Work is working hard to insure the most qualified are included in the work place.

Published by Sue Davis in the Workers World January 5 2008

Make contracts LGBT-inclusive!
Pride at Work, the AFL-CIO affiliate that promotes lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights on the job, has developed a Union Certification Program to help workers negotiate LGBT-inclusive contracts. Its first training took place in November with OPEIU Local 29 in Oakland, Calif.
During the five-hour training, attendees learned how to add contract language that protects LGBT workers from discrimination and harassment on the job and gives them access to federal programs like the Family and Medical Leave Act. They also learned how to argue for domestic partner benefits and transgender-inclusive health care. To find out more about the program, contact; to set up a training session so your union can become certified, contact
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