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Presidential candidate Ted Cruz taken to task by out Lesbian Ellen Page in Iowa

Ted Cruz

“X-Men” and “Juno” lesbian actress Ellen Page grilled Presidential candidate Ted Cruz on LGBT rights while on the campaign trail in Iowa. Predictably Ted Cruz bashed the ‘left wing media’ displaying his uncaring ignorance of the LGBT rights globally and mainstream media’s reports of it.

Washington Blade reported as Cruz held a freshly grilled hamburger, Page questioned the senator, an opponent of LGBT rights, about gay and transgender people being fired because of their sexual orientation and gender identity.”

Without ever addressing anti-LGBT discrimination, Cruz said the problem instead is religious persecution, citing his often-repeated story about a family business in Iowa that closed after it was found guilty of violating civil rights law by denying service to a same-sex couple. (The business closed on its own accord.)

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In 2013, a transgender questioning Jamaican youth coming out for the first time was beaten to death by a crowd over a two hours period. Her last words “I’m a girl” only served to further incite the enraged Christian mob.

Jamaican LGBT people live in fear for their lives knowing if the come out they will be murdered.

Did Ted Cruz cite one instance of ISIS killing a transgender person? (yes we know that they have) No, he did not. Instead, he excused the deplorable inhumane way Jamaican Christians treat the LGBT community.

It’s a matter of degrees. The US Christian right led by the likes of Cruz are trying to outlaw transgender people’s very existence which would eventually lead to an ISIS-like state for us in The United States.

I won’t even get into the extreme hate that’s being exported to Africa by his ‘persecuted’ Christians.

Ted Cruz probably thinks it just and right that there have already been more trans murders in the US than all of last year if he cares enough to recognize that fact. He couldn’t care less that thee’s been at least one trans person murdered every 29 hours worldwide. If he did he would have read at least one article about it.

Ted Cruz doesn’t give a damn about human rights. The only thing Cruz cares about is his personal right to discriminate.

Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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