The country rejoices as President Biden Ends Trump’s Military trans Ban

Biden ends Trumps Trans Military Ban
President Biden revoked Trump's Military Ban
President Biden Revokes Trump’s Trans Military Ban

After 30 months of serving openly, Trump blindsided his Generals and shocked the nation by instating a ban on transgender military service with a midnight tweet. Now two years later almost to the Day, President Biden signed an order aligning national policy with federal law so trans people can serve with pride and dignity.

(CNN) President Joe Biden signed an executive order to repeal a Trump-era ban on most transgender Americans joining the military on Monday alongside Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

“This is reinstating a position that the previous commanders and, as well as the secretaries, have supported. And what I’m doing is enabling all qualified Americans to serve their country in uniform,” Biden said, speaking from the Oval Office just before signing the executive order.
President Donald Trump’s ban has been rebuked by the Democrat-led House of Representatives and condemned by LGBTQ activists as discriminatory. Austin voiced his support for overturning the ban in his Senate confirmation hearing last week.
“President Biden believes that gender identity should not be a bar to military service, and that America’s strength is found in its diversity,” a fact sheet provided by the White House on the executive order reads.

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