Pre-op Females: Is it OK To Sauna With Cisgender Minors?

I agree with the Radphlegm GallusMag on this one thing (minus her blind hatred of course) in that I believe it is our duty as pre or non op trans people to respect cisgender people in places where clothing or the lack, of might on occasion accidentally expose intimate areas, like a sauna.

I know being a radical transsexual this will suprise some, but there’s a reason…

With power comes responsibility and the exercise of that power responsibly is the fastest and surest way to be granted even more dignity. I come to this belief when as a formally male misidentified person who had by virtue of my external gender expression held great power at times. Male privilege is the reason I concur with the Radphlegm’s so the loud popping sounds you might be hearing is probably their heads exploding.

I couldn’t find any of the damning evidence the Radphlegms offered as proof of Colleens alleged deviance humanity but I found this on her Facebook wall:

I have to admire her courage and spunk and as a landlocked waterbaby I understand Colleens attachment to the Ocean but it’s not 1959 Alabama and this isn’t even about time. It’s about grace which will win hearts and minds faster than enforcement of any law will.

Personally I feel it would be pretty cool if Colleen were to use the smaller facility especially now that the battle has been won. But beyond that do you think given laws that permit us, should we sauna with minors? Take the poll on the top right bar.

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