Police Officer Given Life For the Murder of Trans woman Hande Şeker

Hande Buse Şeker
Hande Buse Şeker
Hande Buse Şeker
Hande Buse Şeker

Police officer Volkan Hicret was sentenced to life plus 41 years for the murder of Turkish trans woman Hande Buse Şeker. Hicret was sentenced on November 26, after defense attorneys asked for a shortened sentence due to “good behavior” and “unjust provocation”.

bianet reports that officer Volkan Hicretit shot and killed Hande Şeker with his police weapon and wounded trans women Y.A. and A.T.K. in her apartment in Konak, İzmir, Turkey.

According to the indictment prepared by the İzmir’s Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, Hicret and his friend A.T. met sex workers Buse Şeker and Ateş at around 6 a.m. on January 9, 2019.

They then went to Şeker and Ateş’s home together. Şeker’s friends Y. and M. were also at home at the time.

An argument occurred between the men and the sex workers after they requested the payment in advance. According to the indictment, Hicret then fired upon the women, killing one and wounding two.

After that, Hicret sexually assaulted Y. and beat the dead body of Hande Buse, according to prosecutors.

Hicret was sentenced to life imprisonment for intentional killing, to 21 years in prison for qualified sexual assault, to 3 years, to 5 years and 6 months for qualified looting thrice, to 9 months for injury twice, and to 2 years for insulting the memory of a person.

The court rejected the defendant’s request for sentence reduction due to “unjust provocation” and “good behavior.”

The reaction to her murder was sure and swift. Turkey’s transgender community had just suffered the murder of trans activist Hande Kadee who heroically defied police during the 2016 Instanbule pride.

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Hande Buse Şeker commemoration and press release:

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