Police nearly got away with the murder of Britani Jaqueline

Britani Jaqueline
 Britani Jaqueline
The crime scene image is all that we have left of Britani Jaqueline

Transgender woman Britani Jaqueline died on 26 Aug 2020 after being beaten by police officers in Casimiro Castillo, Jalisco, Mexico. Five police officers including the commissioner of the Municipality of Casimiro Castillo have been charged with enforced disappearance, abuse of authority, and qualified homicide.

The extra-judicial assassination of trans woman Britani Jaqueline was the third murder of local LGBTQI residents according to Unión Diversa de Jalisco collective and the 40th reported murder of Mexican trans people since the 2019 TDOR.

Homosensual.com reports that five officers beat Britani Jaqueline until she was near death then left the scene of the crime and did not call an ambulance because she was transgender.

The police officers and the commissioner then used her deadname and misgendered her in a police report fully aware that her transgender status would attract attention.

Britani Jaqueline
Four officers charged with the murder of Britani Jaqueline Via TV Azteca Jalisco. The booking photos which did not have their full names and blurred their faces outraged residents fearful that the four would be released and free to commit further atrocities.

The Commissioner of the municipality of Casimiro Castillo and three other policemen were linked to the process for the crimes of homicide, abuse of authority, and forced disappearance, for the death of Britani Jaqueline, on August 26. Those named were held in Cihuatlán, where their process continues, Via TV Azteca Jalisco.

Cihuatlán is a coastal municipality in the Mexican state of Jalisco. Its main city is also named Cihuatlán. It existed when the Spanish first seized Mexico from the Aztecs and was allowed to retain its name, which in the Nahuatl language means “place of women.”


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