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Police and Orthodox fascists bloody the 2015 Moscow pride rally

 2015 Moscow pride

In what has become a rite of spring Russian’s once again rioted against LGBT people during 2015 Moscow pride.

I compare the 2015 Moscow pride to the ballet Rite of Spring because one, they’re both about change and two..both performances so angered others by daring to be different they act out in violence. And thirdly, both are scripted by Russians who have, by no fault of their own, transformed what is normally a celebration or rite of passage into a riot.

This year Moscow Pride was no different.

Pride marchers led by a gay man are beaten up by Christians and fascists while police watch and photogs engorge themselves on the bloody mess. Before we feel too smug in other countries remember, this is held as an example to fascists worldwide as to what their country’s pride should look like.

Moscow Pride
Николай Алексеев on Instagram: “Arrested and beaten at 10th Moscow Pride. We are arrested! They probably broke my left hand finger.”

moscow pride rally post 2015

Not all Russian LGBT people are onboard with the Pride. One person who attended posted on Facebook “I went on a gay pride parade, received two liters of shit from LGBT activists in the comments. Not to go, I do not go, not with those, and all I (is) a fucking provocateur ….”

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