Plano’s fallacious equal rights ordinance “threatens public safety” says local hate group

Plano citizens united
Reads.. the right to discriminate is a Christian value.

I agree with Plano’s “Liberty Institute”. The Ordinance is a menace to my safety. It is conceivable some half-baked hater could deny me service or worst yet, it could be an enabler of violence.

Authors note: Being a longtime resident of the DFW, I have been a part of/and or written about transgender laws being enacted in Fort Worth, Dallas County when they first failed to include trans rights and when they finally ‘did the right thing’. I wrote about San Antonio amending their ordinance to include trans rights and was there when Houston passed their trans inclusive ordinance. Granted, some of them are good laws, some not so good, but all non-fatal.

I can truthfully say, thankfully, that I wasn’t a part of or even knew about Plano’s ordinance until it was enacted, incredibly with only one public comment session. But that was meant to be.

The local trans community was kept out of the process intentionally by the state’s major advocacy organizations.

For the record, I don’t like that they did this but I don’t hold this against them. Plano’s council rejected their well-intentioned input time and again, instead relying on their legal department’s opinions. That as we well know can be fatal to human rights progress. And for the record, these same state organizations who fell short this time were the ones who have successfully advocated the aforementioned HROs. Left to our advocacy, the Texas trans community may well be without a single inclusive ordinances today.

This is no time for a witch hunt. It is time to leave our ego’s behind for a serious reality check.

When is a equal rights ordinance permission to discriminate? When the authors don’t give a rats ass who they are writing it for and only care about appeasing a corporation and a hate group. And why is Plano’s nondiscrimination ordinance fatally flawed? Because no one wants it. Not the majority of the local trans community, and certainly not the local right-wing hate group.

Discrimination was codified by Plano with this:

  • Exclusions. It shall not be unlawful to deny the opposite sex access to facilities
    inside a public accommodation segregated on the basis of sex for privacy such as
    restrooms, shower facilities, locker rooms, dressing rooms or any similar facility.
  • Sex shall mean gender and the biological differences between men and women

OK, so Plano let the Christofascists know that they have the power of the potty, but they weren’t done. They thought for sure they’d make the Liberty Institute happy by throwing everyone under the bus:

        Exclusions. Except as required by state or federal law, this section shall not apply to the following

(1) Religious organizations
(2) Political organizations;
(3) Non-profit organizations, except as provided by Section 2-11(G)(1) herein;
(4) Educational Institutions;
(5) the United States government or any of its departments or agencies;
(6) the State of Texas or any of its departments, agencies or political subdivisions; or
(7) Private clubs that are restricted to members of the club and guests and are not open to the general public.

Did the city council really think that this hate group could roll over for this? In their own town? Really? What they got is a promise to remove them from office, a possible costly referendum and a lot of their former LGBT supporters not caring about it. Equality has no easy outs.

Maybe Toyota aired their concern too? A spokesman for the town issued this statement according to CBS 11 it reads in part,

” The City of Plano remains committed to promoting the full enjoyment of civil, religious and human rights for our citizens and visitors. As we implement the Equal Rights Ordinance, we are committed to respecting opinions of all citizens.
Like anyone, Pastor Graham certainly has the right to speak out on the City of Plano Equal Rights Ordinance.”

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender



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