Planet Fitness cancels woman’s membership who wouldn’t stop transphobic fear mongering


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A Michigan’s woman’s gym membership was canceled when she refused to stop talking about a transgender woman that she had seen in the locker room. Yvette Cormier said she couldn’t use the changing room “I was blocked, because a man was standing there,” Cormier said. “It freaked me out because, why is a man in here?”

The ‘man’ she complained about to the front desk was a transgender woman. Unhappy when the staff told her that their gym is a ‘judgment Free Zone” she took her complaint to the cooperate office.

Update. The transgender woman at the gym has just learned about this. Carlotta Sklodowska told M Live that she was there as a guest of a friend. The couple of times that she had been to Planet Fitness’s locker room it was just to hang up her coat. She said that she had even asked the front desk about it and they said it was fine. reports A statement released by McCall Gosselin, public relations director for Planet Fitness, states that members can use the locker room corresponding with their personal gender identity.

Cormier disagrees with the policy and feels it’s a safety issue.

According to Cormier, she returned to the gym each day between Monday and Thursday. While there, Cormier said she told women in the locker room about the individual she observed in the bathroom the weekend before.

Cormier said she then got a call from Planet Fitness’ corporate office telling her that she was violating their “no judgment” policy. She says they asked if she was going to stop talking to other women in the locker room and she said she would not.

Cormier said the representative told her she was no longer welcome at the gym.

Being a transgender runner, I decided to check out a nearby city’s Planet Fitness, do a story and maybe get a free workout in the process. What I got was misgendered and no workout. In the gym’s defense, I was talking to the assailant manager. He said they didn’t have day passes said he couldn’t allow anyone in without a membership.

It sure was purple.

That being said, I am a member of a small town YMCA. When I went there for the first time dressed I was today I was immediately recognized as a woman and treated as such.The staff at the YMCA have never misgendered me, even in their incredible zeal to make my every work out a special one.

So I went back the YMCA today and ran a personal best 5k. Hey, everyone’s experiences are going to be different, especially as our community becomes more visible. I just hope more in our community takes heart and does something good for their heart.

Sexy sells. Even when you are saying you aren’t. You know, selling sex.

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