Nine Million agree, Trans Woman Piyah Martell is One in a Million

Piyah Martell

Piyah Martell

Piyah Martell said that being born with a shortened spine makes her unique.  Over 9 million have watched her facebook video in two days might agree that it’s her spirit and beauty that makes her one in a million.

Martell posted on FaceBook “Oh my gosh first and foremost I just want to thank everyone for showing me lots of love I cannot even fathom my emotions right now as so much love you guys have for me thank you for watching my documentary and sharing the clips with all your friends and family because that’s what it’s about it’s about sharing love and understanding one situation as well as supporting and being there I love you all with all my heart love you butterflies always be true to you xoxx Piyah Martell”

Piyah was born with Sacral Agenesis, meaning she has only half a body. Born with a male body, Piyah has now transitioned to female, and she has had to overcome bullying and rejection because of her identity and appearance. She’s recently found love with boyfriend Andrew, who calls her his ‘angel’. Using a skateboard to get around, she has built physical and mental strength, and now spends most of her life encouraging more LGBTQ+ disabled women to embrace themselves and life – just like she does

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