“Photos of Angie” Indie film of Angie Zapata premiers

Angie ZapataAngies life forever changed how people view transgender youth and her death redefined the punishment for hate crimes. This was the first time that the trans panic defense failed. We all loved her. She is gone now but we must honor Angie by making sure that no other man gets away with murder.

Trailer description:
“This haunting yet hopeful documentary tells the story of Angie Zapata, a transgender teen who was murdered in rural Greeley, Colorado in 2008. The film moves between the trial of her killer, Angie’s brief life and self-discovery told through family and friends, and the fruition of national hate crime legislation with Angie’s case very much in the foreground as it was the first time that a transgender murderer was successfully prosecuted under hate crime laws.”

“Told in five movements, one per day of the trial of Angie’s killer, the film features a classical score by Mackenzie Gault of the national touring band The Flobots and additional music by L.A.-based band Ozomatli. The film reveals Angie’s simple life in the context of a complicated struggle juxtaposed with her violent death at the hands of a man whose true nature is finally revealed.”

Source Westword.com


GoodBye to Hate : Angie’s Zapata’s Legacy

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