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Philly Trans Advocate Michelle Washington shot and killed Sunday Morning

Michelle Washington
R.I.P. Michelle Washington

Philidelphia trans woman Michelle Washington, known by friends as Tamika was murdered early Sunday morning, shot at least twice. She knew the man who killed her as they were observed on video walking together before the shooting. Ms. Washington was the third transgender woman of color to be murdered within days.

Philadephia Gay News (PGN) reports that the incident took place on the 3400 block of North 11th Street in North Philadelphia’s Franklinville neighborhood. Police responded to the scene at approximately 5:07 a.m.

Michelle Washington
Ashlee Marie Preston observed on Twitter “3 black trans women have been murdered within a couple of days of one another. When we whisper, no one hears us. When we yell; we’re gaslighted, demonized, and told we’re being intense. This is a crisis. All across America; my sisters are being erased. Will you stand up for us?”

Ms. Washington, who was in her 30s, suffered gunshot wounds to the head, body and buttock, according to police. She was transported to Temple University Hospital and pronounced dead at 5:33 a.m.

Troy Bailey,38 is being charged with murder, possession of a firearm with an altered manufacturer’s number and violations for carrying a firearm as a former convict and without a license, among other crimes.

“Baily claimed to be an eye witness to a murder and came down to the homicide unite of his own accord.” said a police detective. “The investigation began and to lean towards Mr. Baily as the suspect.”

Bailey waived his Miranda rights and signed a confession.

They were observed on video walking around the area but hadn’t been seen ‘holding hands’. When questioned further the detective answered defensively “Ms. Washington was a person who did not deserve to die like this.” When asked if her murder was being investigated as a hate crime the spokesman noted that Baily has a long record of ‘mainly domestic violence’ but it didn’t appear that her transgender identity had anything to do with the murder.

Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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