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Petty Officer Second Class Megan Winters talks to PBS about Trumps Ban

Megan Winters
Petty Officer Second Class Megan Winters

Petty Officer Second Class Megan Winters, a transgender sailor and litigant in Karnoski v. Trump says being able to transition in the Navy has left her personally and professionally “rejuvenated.”

The DoD’s justifications for the ban have been debunked by its own officers

Although the military cites no evidence that the presence of transgender service members jeopardizes military readiness, the Supreme Court ruled Tuesday allowing the Trump administration to ban transgender people.
Nick Schifrin reports.

Stating the obvious: The ban was never been about the military’s lethality

Transgender military service serves as a benchmark of progress by countries grappling with democratic progress.

As a news reporter, I have seen trans military service cited numerous times by media in Pakistan and India as an ideal to strive for.

It is about democracy.

Trump knows this and has focused the might of his administration to strip this option from transgender people. Trump doesn’t care anymore about democratic institutions abroad than he does in his own country. He is hell-bent on destroying these institutions with the endgame of installing himself as a dictator.

Regardless of how you feel about military service

We must unite to fight against trumps evil intentions with every breath and give him no concessions or quarter whether he feigns compromise or surrender.

Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


  1. I couldn’t agree more with Ms. Winters. I too have known trans military members only to eyewitness the pride and courage they have in serving. In my opinion, Trump is by far a bigger threat to America than anybody from any Nation could coming across our borders. If ever a wall was needed, it is to be built around him.


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