“Passability”, A Product For Sale That Money Can’t Buy.

"Passibility" The hardest person to convince will likely be yourself.


I remember how much I trembled when I finally told myself “I have to do it, I can’t handle living this lie any longer”. The trembling was not because my life was about to change in a way I had always dreamed of, it was more the amount of unknown that laid ahead of me. The internet is polluted with transition related products and services but how many of these will truly help you with changing gender? The answer is very few as what works may vary from person to person. Categories that need to be considered are: surgery, clothing, makeup, hair/aesthetics, medications, diet and exercise. The truth is that transitioning is not dependent upon purchasing all these items and services, it’s about accepting yourself and confidently living your life without worry of what others think. Worrying about the thoughts of others can be an obsession that empties your bank account with little to show for it.

It is likely that each of us can quickly come up with a small list of things we dislike about ourselves physically, coincidently there is a plastic surgery for each. The question is when will you accept yourself? You must know the answer to this otherwise you are entering a struggle which will never end. There are few surgeons who offer GRS/SRS (sex change) services, the ones who do also offer additional surgeries which they claim will aid your transition. Additional surgeries are almost impossible to not consider, I know my life becomes easier as I become more “passable”. Besides GRS, there are a few other surgeries which are common to people transitioning. Changeable physical traits which separate men and women are the shape of their head/forehead, voice, adam’s apple, breasts, abdominal area, hips and buttocks. I am not content with every part of my body but I know I can’t change it all, the price and physical toll are too great. Other than my upcoming GRS, I have decided to include feminizing my voice (already done), my forehead, adam’s apple, and maybe breast augmentation (depending on how much further they grow over the next year).
{Link to Brassard Clinique services} http://www.grsmontreal.com/anglais.html

I decided on voice feminization surgery mainly because of work, however the perk of no longer having to whisper in public places out of fear of being identified is nice. I am one of the fortunate patients who’s had success with my voice surgery, there is a 6-12 month recovery time but after only 2 months my voice is effortlessly feminine. There are a few methods of voice feminization surgery with differing results, I chose “cricothyroid approximation” which is a reversible method of tightening the vocal chords. The success rate for this surgery is quoted that 1 in 5 will be absolutely satisfied, 3 in 5 will have moderately improved results, and 1 in 5 will have unsatisfactory results. It is certainly a steep risk with a price tag ranging from $5000 to $10,000 but all transition related surgeries have similar risks and inflated prices.

As you search the depths of the internet for items and services to aid in your transition, remember that transitioning is mostly mental. Though you may need to change some of your physical appearance, however “passability” mostly depends on your behavior and confidence. If you are nervous about what people are thinking , your body language will show it. In the end, the hardest person to convince of your “passibility” will be yourself.


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