Parkway Mo student attacked by hate group Mass Resistance Missouri

mass resistance missouri

Mass Resistance Missouri

Mass Resistance Missouri founder Sue Weaver told News 4 that she’d never shame students despite her website degrading, humiliating and outing a Parkway High school sophomore. Weaver said she doesn’t hate anyone countered the SPLC hate group designation telling News 4 that the SPLC is a hate group. This image and other can be viewed on the Mass Resistance Missouri website here.Mass Resistance MissouriMass Resistance targeted the student after he spoke at board meetings after Parkway schools replaced Mass Resistance’s religious-based sex ed curriculum with one in line with state guidelines.

“They’re introducing topics of gender spectrum as early as kindergarten and first grade and by 7th grade, they’re talking about contraceptives,” said Parkway parent Sue Weaver.

Weaver and other like-minded parents acted on their impulses and created Mass Resistance Missouri.

The organization’s been officially labeled a “hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Right now, they’re the only anti-LGBT group in the state on the center’s “hate map” although Ed Martin, the former chairman of the Missouri GOP who now runs Phyllis Schlafly’s group Eagle Forum lives in the District. Martin spoke at the August 2017 school board meeting demanding that they needed to be more truthful about their “transgender” plans.

A quick review of the Parkway’s Healthy Relationships and Sexual Health Curriculum clearly shows that Weaver’s claims have no base in reality. The absence first educational Curriculum should be embraced by all.

Mass Resistance Missouri

While KMOV 4 St. Louis correctly reported that a ” Designated hate group takes aim at St. Louis county school district over sex ed” while was using children as a political tool to fight ‘liberal’s transgender agenda’.

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