Parents a no show for Rochester school meeting on transitioning teacher

rochester trans teacher

Rochester school officials sent a letter out to Wilson high school parents informing them that a teacher would be transitioning from female to male. The letter also told them of a planned meeting so officials could ally fears the parents might have had.

Not a single parent showed up for the meeting about this transitioning teacher. Not one.

“Which I think is a good sign, I think it shows everyone read the letter that they received, they got some good information and people were either fully supportive or business as usual,” Jeanne Gainsburg, the Education Director with the Gay Alliance told 13 wham.

A quick google search shows that transgender people have a very high exposure in upstate New York, but a total no show is problematic.

Many of the teenage transgender suicides this year were proceeded by parents ciswashing them, internet cleansing of their transgender lives, religious diatribes misgendering them and finally burying them in clothes incongruent with their authentic gender.

And even attacks against media that resisted their bullying. So it seems at least one parent would have shown up.

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One Response to Parents a no show for Rochester school meeting on transitioning teacher

  1. Mika Ellen Orzech May 5, 2015 at 3:41 pm

    Upstate New york is a strange place. It can be very right wing, and yet, people can be pretty accepting. Wilson NY seemed to be a more accepting place than many parts of the state.