Pakistanis who videotaped whipping of Sialkot transgender woman arrested

 Sialkot transgender woman
Five of the ten apprehended have been charged for the crime, Photo AP

Police arrested 5 members of an alleged gang after they posted a video of them whipping a Sialkot transgender woman which went viral. The man who did the most of the beating The Tribune  reports is Jajja Butt, beat up the Sialkot transgender woman because she refused to pay extortion money. However,  Julie who was confirmed to be present at the site of the attack said such gangs are present in every city of Pakistan and simply enjoy torturing members of the community.

Police chief Abid Khan said five of those arrested have been charged with torture and extortion, while the other five are under investigation.

The NGO Forum for Dignity initiatives-FDI, Blue Veins and Trans Action Khyber Pakhtunkhwa issued a joint statement condemning the atrocities and announcing a protest which was held ealier today at the National Press club in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Forum for Dignity initiatives-FDI, Blue Veins, and Transaction strongly condemns this recent transgender women rape and physical assault by local gangster “jaja butt” and his friends in from Sialkot. He beaten them up with leather belts, hit with shoe heel, sticks, cut their head hair, forced them to drink urine and spat on their faces. We hold state responsible for this brutality against transgender community and we find movement failed to protect human rights of transgender community in the country. We also bring in the knowledge of our friends/allies that Qamar and I receive number of threats both from gangsters and some fraction from within community. They want us to stop support the community. We reaffirm our strong commitment to take this movement ahead and raising our voice for a just and violence free society for transgender community.

The man who led the home invasion and attack Jajja Butts, said that the victim was a friend and he was just seeking to mend her ways.

The Associated Press reports that TransAction, a local transgender rights group, posted a video interview with another transgender woman who identified herself as Jolie and said she was present when the attack took place.

She said the gang members barged into a house where several transgender women were living, beating and torturing one of them for several hours and shaving the heads of others.

Sindhu, the police official, confirmed Jolie was present at the scene.

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