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First Graduate of Pakistan’s Transgender School has money Stolen by Official

Transgender school in Pakistan
Arzu Khan of TransAction on Graduation day/ photo Facebook

A lot of attention has rightfully been paid to the first ever transgender school in Pakistan.  Transgender Pakistanis living on the fringes of society have traditionally made a living by dancing at weddings.  But recently they have seen that source of income dwindling under government and religious pressure.

Struggling with unemployment and unlawful police evictions in the north and assassinations and religious discrimination countrywide they were heartened by this opportunity to succeed.

A small endowment is offered to the top graduates of the Prime minster skill’s development program to help kickstart their careers. But one govt official snatched back the very first graduates check after it had been presented to her on stage!

To top it off the makeup kits that had been promised graduates never appeared.

TransAction Pakistan, which advocates for trans people in the Swat valley was appalled and posted about this despicable act on facebook:

“Arzu Khan of TransAction has received a distinction while completing a beautician course under Prime minster skill development program in Peshawar. She stood first in the program but it is unfortunate that the cheque of 25000 PKR is taken back from her by government officials after the prize ceremony was over. The makeup kits which were promised were also not given. What a shame. Govt must take a notice of it.”

The worldwide transgender community stands with Arzu Khan and TransAction Pakistan. We demand that they return her check. She earned it. We also demand that the tools that she will need to perform her new job be delivered as promised.

Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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