TransAction Alliance’s Ali Sha shot, hospital refuses to treat

Alesha was shot 8 times Tuesday

ali dying

Nineteen hours ago Ali Sha, TransAction Alliance Provincial coordinator of the Peshawar District, Pakistan was shot eight times. The hospital refused to admit her saying they had no bed in either the men’s or the women’s ward for a transgender person. Ali would have died untreated in a hallway if not for this Tribune article which was shared moments later by a member of the Facebook group Notícias Trans/Transgender news.

14 hours ago: TransAction Alliance posted “Operation of Alesha has done. She has received 8 Shots. Her condition is critical and the next 9 hours are critical.The doctors say if she survives she will have to go through several surgeries.Right now they are just trying to stabilize her.She is supposed to be in Surgical ICU but there are no empty beds and therefore she is an ordinary hospital ward which seems like a ward from World War 1.”

Ali sha

13 Hours ago: “The Operation theater male staff kept giving me their numbers and everyone wanted my contact information. A doctor wants to know how much i charge for dance for a night and another health technician wants to know if I only dance or also perform sex….. I mean WTF….
I am with a patient who we don’t know will survive or not in next few hours……”

2 Hours ago: “Update since morning Alisha has not received any medical attention and no bed is given to her. She is in a movable stretcher in a corridor. The Hospital Says no Place for Transgnders. Media is requested to visit and see.
Shame on PTI claims of improving the health facilities in KP.”

Posted 5/24/2016 central Time (US)

Pakistani transgender people are routinely publicly  tortured by police but the article said that Ali was shot by a gang after she refused to make pornographic movies for them.

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  1. What type of world are we living in? Seriously. This world is a disgusting place. The human experience is pure evil. Get me out of here.


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