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Padmini Prakash India’s 1st trans news anchor is rocking prime time

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Padmini Prakash begins her presentation by pressing both hands together near her heart bowing her head slightly , one says, “Namaste,” or “Namaskara,” “Namaskaram” or “Namaskar” . It is both a spoken greeting and a gesture, a mantra and a mudra. The prayerful hand position is a mudra called anjali, from the root anj, “to adorn,” “honor,” “celebrate.” The hands held in union signify the oneness of an apparently dual cosmos, the bringing together of spirit and matter, or the self meeting the Self. In Sanskrit namas means “bow,” “obeisance,” “reverential salutation.” It comes from the root nam, which carries meanings of bending, humbly submitting and becoming silent; te means “to you.” Thus namaste means “I bow to you.” ~ hinduismtoday.com

Padmini Prakash has broadcast every night since August 15th, fittingly so as that’s India’s independence day.
Her presence on the nightly Lotus News gives cisgender people a chance to realize just how much we have in common. What better place to do that than on prime time?

And she is thrilled with her new job, BBC News reports, not only because she is on air at prime time, but also because it is making a world of difference to her and her community.

“I am so happy. The message has gone all over India and the internet,” she says.

According to one estimate, India has about two million transgender people and most live on the fringes of society, often in poverty, ostracised because of their gender.

Lotus TV says the idea of hiring a transgender anchor was proposed by programme executives Sangeeth Kumar and Saravana Ramakumar.

The two men were returning home after work a few months ago when they came across some transgender people being treated badly. They felt the negative social attitudes had to change and discussed it with their management.

“Our chairman Gks Selvakumar accepted our idea to give an opportunity to a transgender to be a news presenter,” Mr Kumar said.

This Creates a History in the Television Media Industry. News Bulletin Presented by Transgender P.PADMINI. Lotus News Registers a New Milestone after Lotus-Express 500. Date of First Telecast 15th August 2014.

Lotus news is high tech and very impressive. India’s First Transgender News Anchor PADMINI PRAKASH Presents the Special News Bulletin from 07:00PM to 07:30PM IST @ Lotus News 24X7 Tamil-News Satellite Channel. Telecast Date:19.09.2014

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Lotus news streams live 24/7 can be viewed here

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  1. Really.y have set a remarkable trend in the society by transforming yourself as a transgender.I live in USA.your bold presentation in podigai channel for pattimanram show recently.I happen to watch the show.I am thrilled about u.pl keep it up.I wish u and your family all the best.I travel frequently to India.I am a man aged 50years and I am a M.Tech engineer from India.I want to meet u in good faith for wishing u and ur husband in Coimbatore.u kindly let me know ur willingness to give me an appointment to meet u as early as possible before I leave India to USA.I am basically a tamilian .expecting ur reply if u r keen.pl convey my regards to ur husband and love to ur adopted child.really.u r great.thanq.

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